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We recommend you get acquainted with our template editor in this review.


Before sending your first email campaign, you need to set up DNS records. See our DNS Record Change guide for more details.

Also, learn more about its main features and elements.

Feature Description
Product Blocks Generator This feature allows you to fill product cards with data from the link you specify: product characteristics such as price, image, size, etc.
Adaptability Adaptive email builder makes your emails look great on mobile and desktop devices.
HTML and CSS Editor Work both with blocks and code of email, changing them and getting an immediate result.
Synchronized Module Save any container, structure or line in an email template as a synchronized module, meaning you do not need to edit each campaign manually.

Instructions on working with some editor’s elements:

Element Description
Rollover Rollover image changes when user hover over it. It is used for a better product showcase.
Timer Add a countdown timer to your email to incentivize your customers to buy.
Video Add a link to Vimeo or Youtube video to this block. The system will generate a clickable image preview of the corresponding video.
Gmail Promotions Annotation Use our Gmail annotations generator to provide recipients with your offer’s preview: logo, dates, amount of discount, and banner.
Image This element allows you to upload an image or select it from the built-in bank. You can resize pictures, use filters, implement the Rollover effect, and more.
Social Media Buttons Insert this ready-made block into any template and edit as needed without code knowledge.
Table You can add a table to your email in two ways: using a structure or the Text block.
Anchor Link An anchor link is a link that leads the reader to a specific place in the email.
Background Apply colors or images as a background to different email components.
Custom Fonts

Add custom fonts from Google Fonts or other sources to your Yespo account.

New in email design? This article will help you succeed in this task.

Want to add interactivity to your emails? Please read the instructions for using AMP elements.

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