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Welcome Сampaign

Customer data is often sent to our CDP using the subscribe API method. In this case, the subscriber is added to the database as an unconfirmed contact. You can't send promotional emails to unsubscribed contacts without their permission to receive them from you.

To get the customer's permission, you need to ask them to validate their email address by sending a confirmation email through a Double Opt-In series. The next step is to send a welcome series.

The design of a welcome series will depend on your marketing goals.

In this article, we’ll create a standard series consisting of two welcome emails. Since it is preceded by a double confirmation, thanking for the subscription is recommended in the first message. A discount or promotional code can also be a good start of the conversation. In the second message, you can tell more about the company and introduce the subscriber to other communication channels (social media, push notifications, YouTube, etc.).

Step 1. Create welcome emails.


Before getting started, we recommend you read a complete guideline on creating an email in the drag-and-drop editor.

  1. Go to Messages → Messages and click New Email.

New Email

  1. For the first email, in Basic, select a Welcome template or create your own. Fill it with your content and edit as needed.

First email template

  1. For the second message, select a Form template or create your own onboarding email. Fill it with your content and edit as needed.

Second email template

  1. To send test emails, click Test (1). To preview ready emails on desktop and mobile, click View message (2).

Testing and preview email

  1. Click Save.

Step 2. Create a Workflow


Before getting started, we recommend you read complete instructions on creating a workflow in the drag-and-drop editor.

We’ll create a standard workflow that would look as follows:


  1. Go to Automation → Workflows and click New workflow.
  2. Enter its name and add tags (optional).
  3. Create a workflow with the following blocks:
  • Start (created by default). Required. Automatically starts any workflow.
    Task: Confirm contact (Popular blocks or Other blocks). Create contact is a default task type. To set it manually, select Confirm contact in the Task name on the right.

Task parameters

  • Email (Message blocks). Select the first email in Message on the right.

Selecting message

  • Timer (Popular or Time). Set a time gap before the second message in Wait on the right. It’s recommended to select 3 to 5 days between two emails.

Timer parameters

  • Email (Message blocks). Select the second email in Message on the right.
  • End (Popular or Other blocks). Required.

All blocks must be connected.

  1. Click Save.

Step 3. Launch a Workflow

The subscriber confirms their address by clicking the corresponding button in the confirmation email. This button is assigned to the Confirmed subscription event type.

Assigning button

This event signifies to the system that the subscriber has given their consent to receiving emails from you and triggers a welcome series.

To assign the event to the workflow, go to Automation → Workflows, select the necessary workflow and click Trigger configuration.

Trigger configuration

  1. In Start/Stop configuration window activate Start configuration switcher.
  2. Select Event-based and Confirmed subscription event.

Start configuration

  1. Click Apply.

Click Activate to launch the workflow.

Workflow activating

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