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Sending Extra Campaigns

In our CDP, you can send extra messages based on the results of a particular campaign. Use them to reach contacts who haven't responded to the initial message.

Extra messages are sent from reports on both bulk and triggered campaigns and are available for all channels:

  • Email;
  • SMS;
  • Web Push;
  • Mob Push;
  • App Inbox;
  • Viber.

The main advantage of this feature is that you can schedule an extra message from the campaign that hasn’t been sent yet. You don't have to wait for the campaign finish and export the necessary contacts. At the moment of the launch of the extra campaign, the system will automatically create a dynamic segment based on the specified conditions.

For example, you’ve scheduled a promo with clothes sales. You can also straight schedule extra campaigns based on specified clicks. For example, contacts who will click products by Zara will receive one campaign, and contacts who will click products by H&M will receive a different campaign.


To send extra messages, you need to subscribe to any Extra features pricing plan.

Note. Create a message before scheduling an extra campaign.

1. Go to Campaigns > Reports, select the necessary report and click Extra campaigns. This option is also available inside each report.

Send extra campaign from report list

2. Select what contacts will receive an extra campaign.

Extra campaign conditions

3. Choose the previously created message from any channel.

Choose a message

4. Schedule the campaign. Check segment details and specify send options (batching, annoyance level, date). If the initial campaign is pending send, it's better to schedule an an extra campaign to reach as many people.

Campaign schedule

Why to Send Extra Campaigns

1. Engage contacts who will open the message but will make no clicks.

If your first campaign is ignored, change the offer. Add a promo code with a discount or offer another incentive like free delivery.

2. Encourage contacts who will receive the message but won’t open it.

The customer may miss your message due to a stuffed Inbox. A poor subject line can also be the reason. Consider sending the same offer but change the subject line to a more appealing one.

3. Reach contacts to which delivery will fail.

There are several reasons for failed delivery of your emails: errors in the email address, Inbox limit, no space in Inbox, etc. Try reaching these contacts in other channels like SMS, Web Push or Mobile Push.

4. Use gamification.

Try to spice up your email with gamification elements. For example, add a question with two answers: it will help segment your base and deliver offers people are interested in. Alternatively, add a question with one correct answer: this way you have a reason to send a customer a promo code with a discount prompting them to make a purchase. Gamification is now an effective tool in email marketing.

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