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Special Offer! Use Viber together with other marketing communication channels. Leverage Email, SMS texts, browser push and mobile app push notifications — all in a single system!

Viber Messages

Improve your Viber marketing strategy to deliver relevant messages to engaging audience

A widely used marketing channel
Viber is used by over 1 billion users worldwide, ranking in the Top 10 Most Popular Google Play Apps of all time.
Multimedia content
Viber allows you to fit in up to 1000 characters. You can also use it to enhance your messages with clickable stickers, images, links and CTA buttons.
Greater Revenue
Viber is cheaper and more cost-efficient marketing channel than SMS texts. Personalize your messages with dynamic content — the more relevant offers you make, the more likely customers will be to purchase them!

Maximize income through Viber messages and optimize your budget

Rich media content in triggered and promo campaigns sparks recipients' interest and encourages them to purchase products. It works best for online-stores, restaurants, cinemas etc. Also, you can send service notifications cheaper in plain-text transactional messages.

Up to 46%
Less costs

Personalizing content for each customer is the key to your long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. Implementing automated segmentation of your subscribers’ database allows you to reduce marketing costs by up to 46%.


Viber campaigns feature an outstanding deliverability of almost 100%. The app performs equally well for users of different mobile devices (iOS, Android and even less popular OS).

Click-through rate

90% of Viber messages get opened in the first 3 minutes and 50% of the recipients click through to the sender's website.

Over 1 Billion
Viber users worldwide

Viber is one of the most popular instant messenger services in the world — it has more than 260 million monthly active users worldwide. So, it is worth being included in your mobile marketing strategy.

Easy-to-Use Mobile Marketing Automation

Our CDP allows you to create complex marketing automation workflows to run common and industry-specific campaigns. You can engage Viber users based on their interactions with your messages, website and app behavior, and target actions.
Welcome Messages to New Subscribers

Hi %UserName%

You may want to check out new models that have just appeared in our %Product_Category% catalog you were interested in!

Visit light.promo.com to claim your personal $2 discount using promocode: %PROMOCODE_NEW%!

We’re also offering discounts on domestic appliances — take a look at those prices!

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Tips on Choosing a Product

Hi, Helen!?

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The sale is on from 01.08.2019 to 07.08.2019 in all Paris laEVA shops⭐️

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Product Recommendations for Cross-Sales

Hello, Alex.

It’s been a while since your last purchase on myshop.com ? We took this time to bring in exciting changes and improvements. It’s time to come back!?

Get your own 9% off all products.

Promo Code ? SALE9

Sales is up to 09.09.2019

Get Your Discount
Personal Discounts

Is it raining? We’ve just got new umbrellas and rubber boots in our stock!

Buy them with a 15% discount, valid until 6 PM today!

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Updates on New Product Arrivals

Final sale at Adidas! Get up to 60% OFF fall and winter collections. You can also add up to the discount with your Universe card.

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Anna, your Universe card number is 1231313.

Have a nice shopping!

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Take Advantage of Viber Marketing!

Get the most out of your Viber marketing campaigns by sending automated personalized messages with the omnichannel CDP.


Do smart mobile messaging and grow sales with personalized content and recommendations backed by AI algorithms. Yespo’s artificial intelligence algorithms will identify parts of Viber subscribers who share similar criteria. They group contacts into segments for further analysis and personalized marketing activities.


Our platform collects, stores and processes user data in real-time, right within the system. It makes customer data management easier. You can build segments by any criteria, in seconds. The interface makes it easy to create segments based on all the available data, to accurately target your audience and personalize messages.


Comprehensive end-to-end analytics will help you to manage marketing campaigns easily and transparently. The system automatically suggests the most relevant customer segments for each campaign.
Prices for sending Viber messages
Use all the possibilities of Viber for business: make automatic and bulk emails
How much it costs to send in Viber depends on whether you work with a Viber service provider or not. If you already cooperate with one of the providers, you can pay only for processing. The system allows you to personalize messages, add product recommendations to them, automate sending and combine Viber with other channels. If sending messages in Viber will be completely carried out in the platform, you need to register the sender's name. Sender ID activation takes 7 to 30 days. At sender registration and monthly, Viber requires a minimum payment. For this amount, you will be able to send messages within one calendar month.

CDP Features:

  • Omnichannel workflows triggered by API events
  • Unlimited segment conditions, including purchases
  • Customer data unification
  • Campaign engagement tracking

CDP Features:

  • Omnichannel workflows triggered by API events
  • Unlimited segment conditions, including purchases
  • Customer data unification
  • Campaign engagement tracking
Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer

Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

NPS based on 2361 customer votes
8.5 out of 10
Omnichannel Features
The Yespo platform allows coordinated use of all available marketing channels. Each channel collects user behavioral data and transmits it to the CDP in real time. The same way third-party sources update the single set of customer data. It lets you create workflows effectively combining multiple channels to increase conversion rates. Adding relevant content to a message and choosing the right channel to communicate with customers can increase conversion rates and revenue.
Omnichannel Features
You’ll be able to add Viber messages to automated workflows where they will work together with
Professional assistance in getting started
Our marketing agency’s professionals will help you in developing and implementing your marketing strategy. We offer assistance on a turnkey basis, including creative messages, professional analytics, and campaign planning. We have many successful cases with companies from various industries, including retail and ecommerce. Our experts are always ready to help you and answer all your questions.
Professional assistance in getting started


To send message on Viber, you need to have contacts with phone numbers, and they must have Viber installed. You also need to register with Viber and pay a minimum monthly payment. Note that registration can take 10 to 30 days.

No. There is a required minimum payment for Viber messaging set by the official Viber channel. Our users, however, are charged the lowest required payment for Viber campaigns.

In the Yespo platform, the basic price starts from €0.0071 per delivered message.

A sender ID is a sender name the recipient of your messages will see in the From field. It’s required to send Viber messages and must be unique for each account. Note, that there is a minimum monthly payment required to keep the sender ID assigned to your account.

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