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In-app messages appear directly in the mobile app during an active session. In-app notifications guide users, encourage them to take targeted actions, improve user experience, and ultimately increase retention and lifetime value (LTV).

To send in-app notifications via Yespo, please complete the following configuration steps.

Step 1. Connect your  mobile app to Yespo

Implement push notifications on Android and iOS devices using Google Firebase private key or certificate/token-based connection to APNs. See documentation for details >

Step 2. Set up delivery and clicks analytics

Configure returning of the messages’ statuses to our system. This will help you to analyze the success of your mobile push campaigns in more detail.

Step 3. Create in-app message

Use Yespo's editor to easily create in-app notifications. More details >

Step 4. Schedule your campaign

Learn how to launch a campaign and automate message sending in this instruction.

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