Security and Compliance

Triggered Campaign Report

Reports on triggered and bulk campaigns are structurally similar, but there are some minor differences, mainly activity dynamics graphs.

In addition, the system has special features for convenient analytics of all messages participating in the workflow.

Activity Dynamics

The Activity dynamics tab shows the distribution rates in graphs over a certain period. 


The Performance graph displays the following numbers for a selected period (on the  example of the email channel):

  • Delivered messages;
  • Opened;
  • Clicked;
  • Unsubscribed;
  • Reported as spam.


The number of indicators on the performance graph depends on the channel.

Hovering the cursor over the graph lets you view the exact time and number of openings and clicks for a certain period. The pencil on the graph shows when the message from the workflow was edited:

Editing time

You can see the report data in relative and absolute values:

Data types


Below is a graph with deliverability rates, which is also based on the selected period. Here you can see indicators for:

  • Delivered messages;
  • Inaccessible contacts at the time of sending;
  • Errors.


General Report on Workflow Messages

You can see all the messages participating in a particular workflow and their statistics. For this:

1. Go to 

  • Automation → Workflows → View campaign report.

View campaign report


  • Campaigns → Reports → Triggered → Select workflow.

Select workflow

2. On the screen with reports, select:

  • Message media type (for omnichannel workflows)
  • Reporting period

Apply filters

Statistics are exported according to the selected filters.

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