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Installing Plugin for WooCommerce Sites

Please note

Integration with WooCommerce is in progress. You can leave a request at support@yespo.io and we will inform you as soon as it is implemented

The Yespo plugin allows you to manage your WooCommerce website’s marketing campaigns within one Customer Data Platform. The plugin allows you to:

  • Transfer contacts from your site to Yespo
  • Synchronize order data (historical and new)

After integration, you will be able to:

  • Organize automatic onboarding workflow for new contacts
  • Enrich contact profiles with the data from your alternative platforms, such as mobile apps
  • Send bulk omnichannel campaigns
  • Set up transactional message chains
  • Analyse campaigns’ performance in real-time

Installing Plugin

1. Log into your WordPress account.

2. Go to the Plugins section.

3. Find Yespo in the search field and click Install now.


  • Go to the WordPress plugins page. 
  • Find Yespo in the search field and click Download.
  • Upload plugin at the Plugins section of your WordPress account.

4. Click Activate.

5. Click the Settings button under the plugin on the Installed Plugins section or navigate to the separate Yespo page. 

6. Enter your API key and click Synchronize to start data synchronization.

After clicking the Synchronize button, the new contacts’ and orders’ data that appear in WooCommerce will be automatically transferred to Yespo.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems with integration.

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