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Creating a Viber Campaign

Add a sender ID to send Viber via the Yespo system. You can do this in one of the following ways: 

  • via message editor, 

  • via account settings, 

  • via sending a request to the sales department info@yespo.io

Creating New Viber Message

Go to Messages → Messages → Viber. Click the Create Viber button.

Creating new message

Main settings

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Name. The system name that the recipient will not see.

  2. Sender. Sender ID that was added to the system. Users will see it as the sender of the message.

  3. Message type. You can use a few types for different purposes:

  • Transactional message — contains only text.

  • Promotional message — can contain text, an image, and a button. Providers charge higher prices for promotional messages than for transactional messages.

Main settings: Name, Sender, and  Message type fields


Before sending, Viber should approve the transactional message template. Messages with unapproved text will not be delivered.

4. Text. The main content of the message. 

It can include:

  • Up to 1,000 symbols;

  • Emoji and special characters;

  • Clickable links;

  • Clickable phone number.

Main settings: Text field

5. Personalization. Use the dynamic variables to add a name, city, bonuses or any personal data available in the user profile. Click on the Personalization icon in the Text field to select data.


6. Image. Upload JPEG or PNG file up to 2 MB. It is better to use square images (1:1 aspect ratio). When zooming, the image will be fully displayed on any device. You can also use a variable or a link to the image. Use only the `https` protocol for direct references in expressions.

Main settings: adding Image

 7. Button. You can add one button with the following parameters:

  • Name — display text on a button.

  • Link — a website link, phone number, Viber, and other.

Main settings: adding button

8. Tags. Select tags from the list or enter a new one and click Enter. Use tags to filter search results and set campaign frequency strategy.

Main settings: adding tags

Additional settings

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Notification for iOS (no longer supported on Viber). 
  2. Subscription categories. Manage subscription categories to send messages to your contacts based on their preferences.
  3. Time to Live (TTL). TTL — the period after which the message will not be displayed if it has not been delivered by this time. By default, it’s 1 day, but you can select other options.
  4. UTM tagsUTM tags are enabled by default. The switch activates the setting for all language versions when sending multilingual messages. You can manually add custom UTM tags to the message URL.

Additional settings

Multilingual version (optional)

In our platform, you can create a multilingual version of any message. Click the Globe icon in the top panel, specify the default language, and add language versions. Fill each version with the content in the corresponding language. You can switch between versions within one template in one click.

Creating a multilingual version

Testing Message

1. Test the messages by clicking the Test button on the top panel.

Test message

2. In a popup window, enter a phone number or select it from the Choose contact tab and click Send.

Sending test message

Creating Campaign

1. Click on the Create campaign button.

Creating campaign


2. In a popup window, choose segments or contacts for the campaign. Click Go to campaign.

Choose segments or contacts for the campaign

3. On the general checkout page:

  • In the Segments section, click Recalculate contacts to see the total number of contacts that will receive the notification. You can also edit segments or select new ones.

Segments section

  • See all the necessary information for verification: Name, Subscription categories, Message activity time. You can see how the message will look on different platforms (Android, iOS).

Viber preview

  • In the Send options, you can set the batching. Click the Start immediately button to launch the campaign. For a delayed start, select the Schedule button and set the date and time of sending.

Send options

Triggered Messages

Viber messages can be sent as triggered messages meaning they will be sent in response to a user’s action or changes in their account, for example, a purchase or successful shipment.

Create a Workflow

1. Go to Automation > Workflows and click New workflow.

Automation > Workflows

2. Enter the workflow name and optionally description. Optionally add tags.

3. Create a workflow with the required Viber block.

4. For the Viber block, in Message, select the Viber message to be sent.

Example of the workflow

5. Click Save.

Create a Trigger

You need to assign to the workflow the event that will trigger its launch.

1. To create an event, go to Automation > Event types and click Create new event.

2. Enter its name and key.

3. Select a category.

4. In Linked workflows, select the created workflow.

5. Specify start hours.

6. Enable Use event for contact segmentation if needed.

7. Click Add.

Create a new event

How to Send SMS to Contacts Who Don’t Use Viber

If you send a bulk campaign to all contacts with a phone number and don’t know who of them uses Viber, create a multichannel workflow and add an SMS block as a backup.

The workflow will include the following blocks:

  • Start;
  • Viber. In Message, select the corresponding Viber message;
  • Timer.

We recommend setting the timer for not less than 30 minutes because the minimum time to live of the Viber messages is 30 minutes. After it, all contacts without Viber accounts get to Errors and will be sent SMS. The more time you specify in Timer, the more contacts with the Viber account will receive Viber messages.


If you set less than 30 minutes, the contact may receive both a Viber message and SMS.

  • Delivered;
  • SMS. In Message, select the corresponding Viber message;
  • End.

Workflow example


To see reports on bulk and triggered Viber messages, go to Campaigns > Reports and select Viber.

Reports for Viber

To compare campaign performance, click Display and enable Highlight best and worst campaigns. The best results are highlighted green, and the worst results are highlighted red. The results are applied within one page.

Highlight best and worst campaigns

To open a detailed report on the campaign, click it in the general list.

Click any statistics to view the corresponding contacts.

Click Export to export contacts to a new segment or as a CVS file.

Export for Viber

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