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How to Create a Viber Campaign

Viber is a simple and fast messenger you can use for effective customer communication. A Viber message has a convenient format that allows big text volumes, images and active links.


To send Viber messages, you need to register a sender name. Read how to add a sender name for Viber.

1. Create a Viber Message

1. Go to Messages > Messages, select Viber and click Create Viber.

Messages > Messages > Viber

Main Settings

2. Enter the message name. It’s used for search within the system. Users won’t see it.

3. Add tags. Tags are used to filter search results and set campaign frequency strategies. Select tags from the list or enter a new one and click Enter.

4. Select a sender. Users will see it as the sender of the message.

5. Add text. It can include:

  • Up to 1,000 characters;
  • Emoji and symbols;
  • Clickable links;
  • Clickable phone number;
  • Personal details based on contact data you have.

6. Add an image, JPEG or PNG, up to 2 MB, any size. We recommend using square images.

7. Add button text.

8. Add a link to the button.

Main settings for Viber

Additional Settings

9. Enter text for a notification for iOS. It will be sent if the message is sent after its time to live expires (no longer supported by Viber).

10. Select subscription categories. Subscription categories help deliver content to the right users based on their preferences. To turn on subscription categories, please contact our support team. This option is free.

11. Set up time to live. TTL is the time during which the message is stored at our system before it expires. By default it’s 1 day but you can select other options.

12. UTM tags are enabled for Viber messages by default. You can disable the option and add UTM tags to the message URL manually.

Additional settings for Viber

13. Click Save and exit after you’re done creating the message.


You can preview the message display on Android and iOS by switching between versions.

Preview for Viber


Multilanguage is an on-demand paid feature. It enables to create multilingual versions within one message template.

To create a multilingual Viber message, click the globe icon on top, specify the default language and add language versions.

Multilibgual message

When you add a language, you create a copy of the current version and not the default version. For example, your default language is English and the added version is Spanish and you’re currently editing it, a new version will be a copy of the Spanish version. This simplifies work with messages in similar languages.

You can switch between the versions, replace the default language and replace or delete added languages.

To activate Multilanguage or get a demo, please contact our support team.


Click Test to send a test message to check its display.

Sending a test message

2. Start a Campaign

1. Click Create campaign and select segments or contacts the message will be sent to. Click Go to campaign.

Selecting segments

2. In Scheduling, check the details and preview the message.

3. In Send options, select batching and schedule the campaign or start it immediately.

Triggered Messages

Viber messages can be sent as triggered messages meaning they will be sent in response to a user’s action or changes in their account, for example, a purchase or successful shipment.

Create a Workflow

1. Go to Automation > Workflows and click New workflow.

Automation > Workflows

2. Enter the workflow name and optionally description. Optionally add tags.

3. Create a workflow with the required Viber block.

4. For the Viber block, in Message, select the Viber message to be sent.

Example of the workflow

5. Click Save.

Create a Trigger

You need to assign to the workflow the event that will trigger its launch.

1. To create an event, go to Automation > Event types and click Create new event.

2. Enter its name and key.

3. Select a category.

4. In Linked workflows, select the created workflow.

5. Specify start hours.

6. Enable Use event for contact segmentation if needed.

7. Click Add.

Create a new event

How to Send SMS to Contacts Who Don’t Use Viber

If you send a bulk campaign to all contacts with a phone number and don’t know who of them uses Viber, create a multichannel workflow and add an SMS block as a backup.

The workflow will include the following blocks:

  • Start;
  • Viber. In Message, select the corresponding Viber message;
  • Timer.

We recommend setting the timer for not less than 30 minutes because the minimum time to live of the Viber messages is 30 minutes. After it, all contacts without Viber accounts get to Errors and will be sent SMS. The more time you specify in Timer, the more contacts with the Viber account will receive Viber messages.


If you set less than 30 minutes, the contact may receive both a Viber message and SMS.

  • Delivered;
  • SMS. In Message, select the corresponding Viber message;
  • End.

Workflow example


To see reports on bulk and triggered Viber messages, go to Campaigns > Reports and select Viber.

Reports for Viber

To compare campaign performance, click Display and enable Highlight best and worst campaigns. The best results are highlighted green, and the worst results are highlighted red. The results are applied within one page.

Highlight best and worst campaigns

To open a detailed report on the campaign, click it in the general list.

Click any statistics to view the corresponding contacts.

Click Export to export contacts to a new segment or as a CVS file.

Export for Viber

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