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Campaigns Analytics

We provide you with flexible and diverse tools to track the performance of your campaigns. In your Yespo account, you can see detailed reports for each channel, for example, email campaign reports or mobile push campaign reports.  Separately you can see the effectiveness of the AMP campaign

Set up order data transfer to Yespo via API to display revenue from campaigns in your account.

To receive information about your contacts' activities in real-time, use webhooks.

Tracking Campaign Performance in Google Analytics

With the help of GA, you can get a complete picture of your marketing efforts' effectiveness:

  • Channel performance
  • General campaign performance
  • Single campaign performance
  • Campaign series performance
  • Product list performance

Learn more in our manual.

Setting Up UTM Parameters

A UTM tag is a small snippet of code consisting of a parameter and its value. You add UTM tags to the end of your URL to monitor the performance of your marketing channels (including campaigns) through analytics systems, for example, Google Analytics (GA).

You don't need to adjust integration with analytical systems to get UTM tags from Yespo. A tag is automatically transferred when the user has taken any action. See details >

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