Mobile Commerce Platform

Automate mobile phone communication and get closer to your audience

Get presence on your customer’s mobile device

We link brands to customers straight on a mobile device. Run high-performance mobile marketing without programmers and analysts. Get professional solutions for communication in mobile apps, messengers and on a website

Drive your customers back to your app or website

Personalize your messages and campaigns to timely respond to customer behavior in the app and on the website, change of preferences, abandoned carts, etc. To deliver hot news, use full functionality of mobile marketing - urgent mobile pushes and web pushes, SMS and Viber messages.

Grow your contact base

Reach your audience beyond mobile app. Use additional channels such as SMS and messengers to get in touch with your customers in a way that is convenient for them. Keep all your app users active and build a long-term relationship using personalized mobile pushes, notifications in messengers and SMS.

Responsiveness and interactivity in every email

Team up your email campaigns with a mobile strategy. Convenient settings in our editor allow to configure responsiveness of each email element so that it is displayed on a mobile device as intended. The AMP technology makes your campaigns dynamic and interactive, engaging your customers and generating a better response.

Use crosschannel to save your money

Cascading in workflows allows to properly allocate your marketing budget: from the cheapest channels to more expensive ones. Mobile Push → Email → Viber → SMS - maximum efficiency at optimized cost.
One platform to combine all channels within a single mobile strategy
A holistic approach to mobile marketing and mobile online strategy increases brand loyalty and optimizes cost of customer communication
Omnichannel as one system
All types of messages for effective communication on mobile devices
Use personalized content to build customer relationships, and choose the best way of communication. Get in touch with subscribers at a convenient time through their preferred channels of communication: ✓ Email ✓ SMS ✓ Web push ✓ Viber ✓ Mob push
Omnichannel communication with customers
Get rid of manual segmentation
Build hyper-targeting segments based on user data
Use any data combination to come up with the right offer: purchase place and time, device and operating system, and any other data sent via the event. Send content relevant to individual preferences and offer products that are more likely to encourage a purchase.
User segments by data
Personalize bulk messages and triggered campaigns
Send personalized recommendations in the way that is the most convenient for your subscriber
Correct segmentation in our system allows you to use contact data equally effectively for personalization in all channels, for both triggered and bulk messages. Improve your mobile communication with each customer!
Personalized communication with customers
Targeting based on data from custom events
Track user events with any parameters in the mobile app and on the website to run campaigns that increase conversion and user engagement.
Event-based messaging
Send messages to mobile devices using any data from events:

Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

Tomashuk Denys
Retention Manager Pampik.com
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We regard the team as a strategic partner. In addition to using the service, we daily conduct a dialogue with a personal manager and solve business problems. We jointly come up with solutions that improve the customer experience.
Maria Marynych
CRM-marketer IntellectoKids
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We found all we were looking for in Yespo: omnichannel, flexible workflow builder for complex triggered campaigns, and user-friendly multilanguage. Another crucial point for us is that online support is always in touch.
Nikita Kovalenko
Epicentr K
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CRM marketing is an essential part of our business:) It helps flexibly respond to our customers' needs, thus carrying out surgical sales promotion.
Elena Zhybul
Email Marketing Manager shop.kyivstar.ua
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Powerful analytics was the decisive factor for us: RFM + eRFM and cohort analysis right in the system interface. But a particularly important aspect for me is the team of people. They offer fantastically quick solutions to my questions / problems / tasks / etc. They not only help you with the decision, but also offer you a solution that will simplify and optimize your workflow as much as possible. This is one of the best teams I've ever collaborated with!
Margarita Roktanen
Communication Specialist, Winner Automotive
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We learned about the service at a seminar on email marketing. For us, email marketing is a very effective tool that requires the least amount of money investment. It is convenient to work with the system. Sometimes there are difficulties with already designed emails, but the support service always quickly solves all our problems. We gladly recommend this solution to other companies.
Sergey Shapirenko
CMO, Astratex
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The company was forthcoming by providing me with emails to send for free so that I could try the service. The prices here are not the lowest on the market, but it’s worth it. It’s like the difference between a Mercedes and some Chinese car ... The technical support is excellent! There was only one malfunction within two months of working with the service, and the problem was solved within half an hour, and the technical support staff called me back. I am happy to recommend the service to my friends and partners.
Sergei Gordienko
Email-marketer Allo.ua
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We have chosen this platform because of its combination of flexibility, scalability and client-oriented approach.
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We use the service to send push notifications to our customers’ mobile apps. The team is very responsive and keen in helping us meet all our business objectives.
Eugene Krechetovich
Expert of marketing and advertising department Foxtrot
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Push notifications channel complements online communication with clients and expands opportunities.
Andrew Sus
Digital Marketer в Brabrabra
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We chose this service due to the functionality of transferring communication results to Google BigQuery. For our company, it is critically important. We paid back the costs of this integration in the first two weeks of the trigger on the inclusion of the bonus program.
Margaryta Nalisna
Marketing manager Knygarnya 'Є'
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We are pleased with the transfer of email marketing to the platform. Thanks to this, we got more subtle tools for working with our subscriber base. This positively affected both the improvement of key metrics (Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, etc.) and the growth of the base.
Nikita Kovalenko
Epicentr К
Read all review
Email marketing is an essential part of our business:) It helps flexibly respond to our customers' needs, thus carrying out surgical sales promotio.
NPS based on 2361 customer votes
8.5 out of 10
Multilingual messages for all channels
Perfect tool for omnichannel marketing! All communication in all available channels is managed in the preferred language. The preferred language is defined automatically during the sending, with no extra settings or segments required
Interaction with a multilingual audience has become up to 5 times faster.
Working with language audiences
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