Personalize Mobile User Experience

Mobile marketing that personalizes user experience and increases revenue

Get presence on your customer’s mobile device

Implement highly effective mobile marketing without programmers and analysts. Access no-code solutions for professional customer communication across eight channels at the right time

Attract New Users

Use all available 8 communication channels to encourage more subscribers to install your mobile app. For example, you can improve mobile app engagement and get up to 5% of additional installs via email and rich messages.

Communicate with newcomers from the very first minutes with In-app messages and App Inbox notifications. Such in-app notifications are effective for creating clear onboarding that develops the habit of using the app. Offer users to subscribe to mobile push notifications to notify them about important things, such as in-app purchases, etc. You can add to your push up to 10 images in a carousel to show subscribers an interesting assortment and increase OR by up to 4 times!

Convert Visitors into Customers

Mobile marketing automation helps to respond to user behavior promptly and frees marketers from routine tasks. Set up automatically triggered messages in your channels and quickly return visitors to your app and website. Remind them of items they've viewed or abandoned, tell them about promotions, and encourage to convert into buyers. Improve customer experience helping visitors find something interesting by offering a selection of bestsellers or the most popular products, etc.

Turn Newcomers into Loyal Customers

Mobile marketing for apps focuses on retention because it costs 5 times more to acquire users than to retain them. Encourage new customers to make repeat purchases with personalization. AI algorithms of the customer data platform analyze information about user behavior (purchases, views, etc.) collected through tracking in mobile applications and on the website. Yespo CDP accumulates and updates all this data in real time in a single user profile. By analyzing it, algorithms identify customer interests and needs and form recommendation blocks for apps, websites, and messages. Get more sales and increase the average check amount by adding personalized product recommendations for cross-selling and upselling.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

A mobile marketing strategy should be based on customer behavior understanding. For example, by analyzing user activity in channels, AI algorithms predict when a person migrates between segments of active, dormant, and inactive contacts. This allows marketers to prevent customer churn in time. Using RFM analysis in m-commerce helps prevent customer churn. By analyzing the contact’s activity in mobile marketing campaigns and purchasing behavior, marketers can identify and reactivate inactive users ahead of time. It also allows to identify the VIP segments, enabling the development of targeted strategies for retaining valuable customers.
Implement an omnichannel strategy with a single platform
Reach users through any of the eight channels and send your best offers in the channel they prefer
Interaction between channels
Learn about every step of the customer's journey
Personalized communication is based on customer data collected in real time from various resources. You can integrate any data from a website, app, CRM systems, communication channels, and offline. Take note that you can easily integrate the application with the platform using Yespo’s SDK to improve your marketing of mobile apps.

CDP collects, stores, updates, and processes large amounts of data. Information received about each contact is unified in a single profile. All channels can supplement and use this data set for more personalized communication with clients to develop customer loyalty.
Personalized communication based on customer data
Unlimited number of segments
Make targeted offers with intelligent segmentation
Deep customer segmentation allows you to select the most relevant audience for a specific offer. In Yespo, you can create unlimited segments with any conditions: profile attributes, behavior, purchase history, etc. The mobile marketing platform collects data from various sources in real time, and hyper-targeted segmentation based on different conditions is performed instantly.
Customer segmentation and dynamic segments based on user's data
Mobile marketing solutions for automation
Run data-driven automated campaigns
Automated campaign workflows with the channels your customers prefer are easy to build in Yespo’s drag-and-drop editor. To optimize event-based campaigns, you can set up cascading chains — from the cheapest channel to the most expensive. For example, mobile push — email — rich messages — SMS.

A campaign frequency management strategy will help you not to overload subscribers with messages and free your marketer from routine. When setting up a campaign, you should specify the limit of the number of messages in a specific period for different audience segments. Each message should be assigned a level of concern. The mobile marketing service takes into account all the set conditions for each contact when sending messages.
Automated campaign workflows
Guess what your customers want with personalized recommendations
Become an advisor for users in the app, on the website, and in messages.
You can add to mobile channels personalized recommendations based on AI algorithms. To make it easier for customers to choose, show them a selection of products established on their preferences. Landing page recommendations from Yespo will direct users to a page with a filtered category of products that will interest them.
Artificial intelligence algorithms generate and display recommendation blocks in the mobile app and on the website. Add recommendations to push notifications, App Inbox, and email.
Personalized recommendations based on AI algorithms
Algorithms fill the blocks based on:

Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

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8.5 out of 10
Mobile marketing without barriers: multilingual messages in all channels
It’s a perfect tool for omnichannel marketing! Effortlessly communicate in all available channels in the language of your choice. No extra configurations and new groups are needed. Language is automatically detected when you send a message.
Speed up your work with different language audiences by 5 times
Multilingual messages in all channels
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