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About Us
We started back in 2012. In just a few years, our company has become a regional leader in the direct marketing field.

Back in 2012, the ESP market was drastically different from what it is to date. In fact, email marketing was limited to sending out promotional emails — the more, the better. Most emails were, in fact, SPAM. It wasn’t unusual for businesses to buy and sell email lists.
There were few to no professionals able to leverage data for customer communications. Marketing automation and personalization weren’t even on the table. The ever-evolving business world required businesses to take a fundamentally new approach to customer communications.

This called for a fundamentally new email marketing service that would help businesses establish and maintain fruitful relationships with their customers. That’s why we developers had to evolve into marketing experts ourselves
The beginning was fun, but also challenging. We started by sending emails manually to email lists of about 5,000 contacts. Then, we spent nights in a graphics editor, turning open and click rate metrics into informative reports. By morning, our first clients received all the information on all the key metrics they wanted to see. That’s why we like nobody understand the value of marketing automation :)

Since that time, we’ve been developing our CDP to provide solutions to the real challenges our clients face every day, such as:
  • to save time on creating and sending automated marketing messages without having to involve the IT team,
  • to engage with customers through targeted multi-channel marketing,
  • to inform marketing decisions with actionable automated dashboards.
Inventing and implementing the best solutions for the tasks you come with. That’s how we keep improving our platform.
We envision an all-in-one system that would help its users focus on what really matters. That is, improving customer communications and maximizing the efficiency of marketing campaigns, instead of having to solve complex technical issues or code HTML emails.

We’re constantly working to develop our platform, applying the best practices and inventing new marketing solutions ourselves. Every day we’re implementing new features, and every week we let our clients experience them firsthand.

Meet Our Management Team

Over the years, the team has grown in numbers. To date, there are over 60 creative, cheerful, passionate people in the company. What’s most important, we are like-minded people sharing the same true devotion to what we do best: email marketing.

Dmitry Kudrenko
co-founder, CEO
Aleksey Danchenko
co-founder, COO
Natalia Ustimenko
Head of Direct Marketing

Levon Babayan
Head of Sales Department, Global
Oleg Lesov
Our platform is more than just a tool. It is a team making complex things:
(the Developers and Support Team)
(the Email Marketing Agency)
(Public Speakers and Opinion Leaders).
We speak 7 languages, we work in 6 offices, in 5 countries on two continents:
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Our mission is
To make professional marketing simple.
We do our best to help any business striving to use huge amounts of data to engage with their customers. Among our clients are:
  • marketplaces,
  • eCommerce businesses,
  • online retailers,
  • travel and media portals,
  • banks and financial institutions,
Our strategic vision for email marketing is grounded in and shaped by the ShuHaRi concept. According to ShuHaRi, there are three stages to mastery: “Follow the rule. Break the rule. Become the rule.” In terms of marketing, ShuHaRi can be translated to “Follow best practices. Test new marketing ideas. Set new trends yourself.” With this, businesses can get a better understanding of where to start and what to do in order to move forward.
We’re following the Shu-Ha-Ri concept ourselves. The concept is in line with the Lean management and Lean production methodologies. With is, in our work we aim to avoid waste of any kind.
  • We start with the practices that require minimum resources and can be easily applied.
  • We concentrate on what really works.
  • As a result, we get enough time and resources to look for ground-breaking insights to benefit both marketing departments and businesses as a whole.
To date, Yespo is trusted by more than 60,000 loyal clients around the globe to send up to 1 billion emails every month.
What we invest into
We strive to discover and invent new features every day in aim to help businesses and their customers get even closer together. Thanks to taking the Lean development approach, we were among the first to introduce the most effective marketing solutions, including dynamic segmentation and personalization capabilities, a native banner editor, a click heat map, and a one-click integration with Google BigQuery. All this and much more was developed from scratch.
That said, we have always been and will always be an easy-to-use system, providing our clients with a fast and reliable way to reach the primary goals of direct marketing:
  • the right and relevant message
  • delivered to the right people
  • at the right time
  • through the right channel.
Solving these challenges is our highest investment priority. Any ideas on how we can improve the platform? Feel free to share them with us so we can serve you better with our future updates.
In cooperation with I-Marketing, we co-organizes the annual "Email Conference", the only conference in Ukraine solely dedicated to email marketing. Traditionally, the conference covers a wide range of topics and activities related to email marketing, including:
  • Exchange of experiences with leading marketing experts in the field
  • Discussing the latest email marketing practices and their implementation
  • Analyzing the major global trends in email marketing
  • Networking with the best email marketing specialists and eCommerce representatives.
We regularly participate in international conferences, including:
  • MarketingSherpa, Las Vegas
  • Marketing Nation, San Francisco
  • Litmus, Boston
  • Web Summit, Lisbon
  • Future of Email, San Francisco
  • Email Innovations Summit, Las Vegas
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