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Creating a Gmail Promotions Annotation

A Gmail Promotions annotation is the way to highlight your promotional emails in the Gmail Promotions tab. You can include in the annotation key information like deal, discount code, expiration date, your logo, and banner. Promotions annotations give your emails more chances to be noticed and engaged with.

How promotions look on mobile


Promotions Annotations only display in the Gmail Promotions tab on mobiles.

How to Add Annotation

1. Go to Messages > Messages and open the email you want to annotate. Click the message name, subject or sender to open settings.

How to open settings

2. Scroll down and enable Annotate email with Gmail Promotions Annotations.

Enable Gmail Promotions Annotations

3. The sender name and email subject are added to the annotation automatically. Other elements are optional. To include any in the annotation, enable the corresponding toggle and fill in the fields. Click Done.

Annotation with all fields filled

4. Annotation preview will be available in the settings. To save it for the email, click Save in the top right corner.

Save the annotation

5.To edit the annotation, click Edit under the Annotations toggle.

Annotations Best Practices by Gmail

The higher the image quality and the more relevant the offer, the higher the chance that your campaign will be highlighted at the top of the Promotions tab. Take a look at annotation best practices by Gmail.


Create a special Gmail account for testing, ending in promotabtesting@gmail.com, for example mycompany.promotabtesting@gmail.com. This account will simplify and speed up the testing process. Gmail also enables beta features for these testing accounts before the public release.

Avoid image reusing

Avoid using the same banner so that users don’t disregard it as a duplicate.

The same applies to the subject, discount code, badge, and expiration date: avoid repeating the information in these elements.

Add the discount code only if it is used in the email.

Watch the image size

Stick to the recommended sizes to make the offer look attractive on the general list.

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