Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Omnichannel Marketing — communicate with clients wherever they want

Implement omnichannel communication to boost sales

Use the proper communication channels to generate better responses and increase conversion. Manage them within the omnichannel CDP and optimize the process by connecting the channel that is most appropriate for each situation

Automate direct marketing without developers

Set up personalized messages with products that might be of the biggest interest to your customers. Add product recommendations and related accessories to increase customer engagement and click through rates.

Use mobile marketing to deliver messages on customers’ devices timely

To send the latest news, use all the possibilities of mobile marketing: urgent information in pushes in the mobile app and browser, real-time triggers in In-app and App-Inbox, transactional SMS and Viber messages. Such notifications are read up to 5 times faster as the user is constantly using a smartphone. For integration between the app and the CDP, you can use our SDK.

Use cross-channel to save your money

Create omnichannel marketing campaigns by using cascading workflows. It allows you to allocate marketing budget properly. Build omnichannel journeys from the cheapest channels to more expensive ones. Push → App-Inbox → Email → Viber → SMS - maximum efficiency at optimized cost. The CDP offers several ready-made omnichannel marketing campaigns you can use from scratch.

Optimize both online and offline sales

What is omnichannel marketing? It's a close interconnection of all channels, data sources and customer touch points. Use loyalty programs and information managers collect to fill your contact base and create personalized omnichannel campaigns. Use all online activity to develop recommendations and deliver one-to-one customer experience in your physical stores or offices.
Build Omnichannel Marketing Strategy in a Single Platform
A seamless approach to an omnichannel strategy increases brand loyalty and optimizes communication expenses
Individual and meaningful communication with customers
Know who you are talking to
We enable you to identify 40% more users coming to your online store from different channels and devices. The platform matches the data with the contact from the database, even if the guest isn’t authorized.
Identification of users from different channels
Omnichannel orchestration
All types of messages for effective omnichannel marketing in one place
Use personalized content to build customer relationships and choose the best way to get in touch with the audience. Reach out to subscribers at a convenient time through their preferred communication channels. All channels:
✓ App Inbox ✓ Pop-ups ✓ Web push ✓ Mobile push ✓ Email ✓ SMS ✓ Viber
Multichannel Campaign Scenario
Personalize everything: channels, website, pop-ups, promo codes
Send personalized recommendations in the way that is the most convenient for your subscriber
Proper segmentation in our Customer Data Platform allows you to use contact data in dynamic content equally effectively across all channels and in triggered and mass promo messages. Improve your omnichannel marketing communication to get the response you want!
Personal recommendations for subscribers
Use offline data to boost your sales!
Our omnichannel marketing solutions let you use the whole data collected about customers more effectively. Identify users with POS merchants, loyalty programs, and membership cards, and send recommendations based on their offline customer behavior.
Offline Shopping Data Collection
Get more sales at offline locations using hyper-personalized marketing tools: AI algorithms + information from a single customer profile:

Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

NPS based on 2361 customer votes
8.5 out of 10
Multilingual messages for all channels
Perfect tool for omnichannel marketing! All communication in all available channels is managed in the preferred language. The preferred language is defined automatically during the sending, with no extra settings or segments required. The feature is highly recommended for ecommerce cross-border projects etc.
Interaction with a multilingual audience has become up to 5 times faster.
Multilingual Marketing Campaign
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