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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing platform to deliver timely and personalized communication with clients in tandem with other channels

Make your SMS messages more unique and improve their performance with granular personalization. Using dynamic variables, you can automatically add first names, location, personal bonuses etc to texts.
Schedule Your Text Messaging Campaigns
You can send the completed message instantly or postpone the launch of the campaign to the desired date and time. Please note that we care about your customers and do not allow sending text messages at nighttime (21:00 to 8:00).
Test for Free
Get 10 free text messages and test how quick and easy it is to create and deliver SMS using the Yespo platform. All you need to do is to sign up — no credit card is required!

SMS Campaigns — Easy to Launch and Manage

SMS marketing messages are among the most efficient ways to communicate with your audience.

Recognizable at a glance

You can use one or multiple Sender IDs for your SMS messaging. It means your brand’s name is to be displayed in the “from” field on your customers’ mobile displays. A sender’s name is the first thing recipients see on their smartphones, a key factor influencing their decision to read your message.

Worldwide SMS automation

We cooperate with all operators in the USA, Canada, as well as European and CIS countries, and worldwide, to ensure instant delivery of up to 99% of messages. The pricing plans for our SMS marketing software are designed in a way that the more SMS you order, the less you pay per message, and, consequently, the larger ROI you get.

Open Rate

90% of users tend to read texts received on their mobile devices instantly. Moreover, messages are rarely deleted from people’s phones. This makes SMS a perfect marketing channel for ecommerce to send the most important and urgent notifications or time-sensitive hot deals.

SMS Marketing ROI

The return on investment in SMS marketing is over 400%. The particular yield will depend on the scope of your business and the channels that you use with SMS: mobile and web push notifications, in-app messages, App-Inbox, pop-up etc. The more relevant channels for your audience you use in the omnichannel strategy, the more effectively they perform.

How Can You Use Text Marketing?

SMS campaigns are great for retail, cinemas, travel agencies, banks, training courses and children's clubs, car dealers, restaurants and any kind of small business, such as flower and wedding salons etc. You can build your SMS marketing strategy on basic campaigns that are common to all types of businesses and implement some industry-specific campaigns.

Hi John! Thanks for joining us!? Wishing you happy shopping at ApplePie ?!

Improve the new user’s onboarding experience. Educate and engage them with welcome SMS

Happy birthday Helga! ? ? Make your day even better with a free drink ☕️ of your choice at our coffee shops!

Promote brand loyalty by caring for your customers. Automated SMS campaigns will never let you miss an important date

Just for you ? 18.08 through 21.09, show this message at the counter and get up to 5️⃣0️⃣% OFF!

Increase your profit margin - stop giving discounts right and left. Offer personal discounts based on the customer's lifecycle stage

Here’s a gift ? to say thank you! 500 bonuses have already been credited to your loyalty card ?! Use them until 09/12.

Make full use of bonuses to boost loyalty. Limited time bonuses increase sales by 30%. Opt for SMS reminders

Black Friday! ? Get 30% OFF any purchase + 30% on your bonus account. Click the link to learn more ➡️ bit.ly/myshop-blackfriday

Sell out and smash your pre-holiday sales goals. Use SMS for seasonal sales and special offers

Your package No. ... from the Paradise Store ? is waiting for you at the post office at ...

Instantly inform customers on order status changes - it reinforces confidence in your brand and increases the percentage of completed orders

CDP solutions that save time and budget

Leverage SMS automation to run personalized campaigns using advanced direct-marketing solutions provided by Yespo customer data platform

You can send out SMS messages via the External SMS Gateway. The platform will process messages and transfer them on your behalf according to the settings of your marketing campaign.

We make it easy to send bulk and targeted text messages.

Personalize your communications in real time

With automated personalization, you’ll be able to transform each SMS into a meaningful message quickly. Promptly respond to users’ specific interactions with your company, sending triggered notifications with order details and updates, reminders etc. Dynamic variables let you add personalization by name and unique promo codes to each message automatically.

Use SMS text messaging to reactivate dormant customers.

Returning users are even more valuable than new ones. Create any workflows to automatically send targeted messages to individual users and user segments, as well as bulk SMS campaigns to your entire database and emails to customers based on their interactions with your texts (such as, reading or ignoring your latest message).

Improve your campaigns’ performance with accurate segmentation

Would you like your SMS marketing campaigns to be more targeted and save marketing costs at the same time? You’ll be able to more accurately segment your customer database. For example, you’ll be able to identify segments of users based on the city they live in. In the system, you can upload any customer data and segment your contacts according to over 50 criteria!
Bulk SMS Marketing Pricing
Send automated and bulk SMS campaigns about your deals, discounts, events and other newsworthy content about your business
SMS is a high-precision customer communication channel. Additional targeting based on geography, interests etc. allows achieving maximum effect.
Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer

Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

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8.5 out of 10
Omnichannel Features
Use SMS messages in cooperation with other channels and increase your brand’s reach and retention. Step up your omnichannel marketing strategy to deliver each customer the right message through the right channel, at the right time. This will help you improve customer experience and save costs on customer acquisition and retention marketing.
Omnichannel Features
In Yespo you can add SMS text marketing to automated workflows where 8 communication channels will work efficiently together:
Create, send, analyze and optimize all your marketing communications for better results
Test your texts
Before sending text messages to a segment, you’ll be able to check how the message will look like on your phone’s screen and make sure that the text and the sender’s name are correct. Test your SMS text messages in a single click!
Launch text messaging campaign anytime, anywhere, using our mobile app!
There is easy and convenient to launch SMS text campaigns at any time with us! You’ll be able to instantly engage customers and inform them about fresh news and updates. All you’ll need is the access to the internet.


SMS marketing is a way of direct communication with the target audience through the SMS channel. Businesses use it to provide consumers with any kind of important information: transactions, updates, hot promotions, etc.

To send a bulk SMS campaign, you need to create a segment with all contacts with phone numbers. Next, create an SMS the same as you write regular text messages. The only exception is that to SMS you can add dynamic content — personal customer data — name, order name, previous purchase, etc. Before planning a campaign, check whether SMS is covered by your pricing plan and what exactly you pay for number of contacts or number of messages.

Different SMS service providers may have different procedures for registering a sender name. In the customer data platform, to add a sender, you need to provide the following info: alpha name, sender's legal name, general classifier of enterprises and organizations/VAT ID, link to the official website, short service description, current address (city) and communication name.

The most common reason is that the contact you’re sending to isn't active, meaning the phone number in your contact base is no longer used. It’s also possible that the contact initially intentionally provided incorrect info, and the current number doesn’t exist. There may also be technical issues on the part of the recipient’s service provider.

There are two ways of adding contacts to the system — manually and automated. You can either add new contacts one by one, manually fill contact cards, import the whole contact base with one file in one of the supported formats (xls, xlsx, csv, txt), or send contacts via API.

To make your messages more personal and customer-targeted, add dynamic data of the particular contact, for example, name, order, last visit, etc. To send a personalized SMS, you also may segment your contact base. This way you’ll send the right offers to the audience who most likely will be interested in your offer.

You can segment your contact base by any parameter, including a phone number.

Cost depends on the tools and features you are using for bulk SMS marketing. Each SMS marketing service has different pricing plans depending on the tariffs of the mobile provider of the region you’re operating in. The basic price per message on the Yespo platform is €0.069. To get more details and calculations about SMS marketing price please contact our sales team.

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