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Setting Up Responsive Email Design

Email template responsiveness ensures its correct display on screens of different sizes. Adaptivity is created using flexible settings for the size of email elements, rearrangement of their location to each other, hiding individual blocks, and other methods.

Please note: responsibility only works on devices and email clients that support it.

Responsiveness support

General Responsive Email Design Settings

In the Appearance tab, you can set the mobile formatting of the text sizes, buttons, and indents for the entire template.

Mobile formatting

Enable Responsive design in the Appearance → General Settings section to make general mobile formatting available.

General settings

Setting the Responsiveness of Individual Elements

Each basic template element has separate responsiveness settings. To open them in the left pane, click on the element you want to customize.

Hiding an Element

You can hide any template element when displayed on a mobile or desktop screen. For example, you can reduce the number of menu items on mobile:

Hiding an element

Padding Between Containers on Mobile

Padding is vital in creating readable and aesthetically pleasing email designs, especially when viewing on mobile devices with limited space.


Containers Inversion on Mobile

Inversion changes the order of template elements on mobile devices, making the content easier to read.

Containers inversion

Example of a structure with inversion:

Structure with inversion

Example of a structure without inversion:

Structure without inversion

Responsive Structure

Using a responsive structure rearranges the containers to be located underneath each other.

Responsive structure

Example of a responsive structure:

Responsive product cards

Responsive Image

The option allows the image to adjust to the width of the mobile device's screen.

Responsive image

Text Alignment and Padding

You can set separate text alignment and padding on the mobile version — to do this, click on the mobile icon and enter the appropriate parameters for displaying the email.

Text alignment and padding

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