Security and Compliance

Recommendation Block Analytics

Yespo starts collecting statistics on the recommendation block from the moment it is published.

To view the report's details, click on the name of the recommendation in the list and go to the Analytics tab.

Analytics tab

The first block of the report is a funnel: views → clicks → purchases. You can choose the analytic period: today / 7 days / 28 days / current month / previous month / all the time / period.

Period selection

The percentage of clicks and purchases is displayed in relation to views.

At the bottom of the report you will find a history of changes with the date and description of the changes made. The history of changes is recorded only if the recommendation is visible to site visitors.

You can always go back to any of the recommendation setup steps to make changes. Test different algorithms and approaches to get the best results.

See instructions for conducting A/B tests

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