Security and Compliance

Workflow Examples

See the list of most common ecommerce workflows below. Implement these marketing best practices to quickly bring value to your business.

Workflow Description
Double Opt-In Double Opt-In (DOI) is a subscription confirmation that is an official requirement by many current customer privacy policies. The confirmation email contains a link that, when clicked, confirms the contact and can start a welcome series.
Welcome Email Series Send onboarding emails to engage subscribers and educate them about your product. You can link this workflow to an event (e.g., email confirmation) or to the contact import.
Welcome Series Segmented by Category Learn how to set up different welcome series based on your subscribers' stated interests.
Automated Birthday Campaign Automate your birthday campaigns so that each contact gets greetings or discount offers. This is one of the regular workflows for segment examples.
Abandoned Browse and Cart Encourage your website visitors to return and complete their purchase.
Using Variables from Order in Workflow

Personalize transactional messages based on data from your customers' orders.

Collecting Order Feedback In this article, you will learn 4 ways to get feedback on the quality of your products and services.
Sending Campaign to Those Who Did Not Open the Previous One Repeated campaigns help convey important information to all contacts who may be interested in it. The Extra campaigns functionality is the most effective way to achieve this goal.
Automated Customer Reactivation Reengage your inactive subscribers with win-back campaigns.

After launching workflows, set up notifications to ensure proper campaign management.

If you have some problems with the workflow functioning, check the following typical setup issues.

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