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Working with “Images” block

Compose the memorable emails

A recommended rule of email marketing design is 60% text and 40% pictures, but it’s often being ignored. The text is transferred behind the footer, and the main emphasis is done on newsletter design. Working with images we always have a lot of questions: what to choose, how to edit, fix its size and structure, especially when message should be adaptive for different devices.

Working with “Images” block

Images block in the editor

To provide the attractive email design, images section is split into:

  1. Prepared: used for a certain email;

  2. Common: you can save them in the email editor and apply to any email on behalf of your company, for example to logo design;

  3. System: icons of social networks, payment systems etc;

  4. Bank: a stock of ready-to-use images.

Working with “Images” block

Supported formats are PNG, JPG, GIF with filesize up to 2 MB to paste image into email quickly and make it correctly displayed on any devices.

Upload your images:

Drag and drop several images to the selected area and download will start automatically.

Working with “Images” block

Add images from external resources:

Paste image links from open sources and apply them to design email newsletter.

Working with “Images” block

Find the pics you need in our images bank:

Insert your search query and use free pictures. For example, you want to compose email for your clients with the preview of next season’s tourist travels. Just specify the "vacation" word in your query to find a good-looking background for a banner.

Working with “Images” block

Save for multiple use:

By splitting pics into 4 groups we avoid massive accumulation of images which are mostly used just once: important pics are stored in the "Common" folder and are available to design email of any type, while images you use to work with some specific email are stored in "Prepared" only.

Working with “Images” block

Customize your emails using the best practices

Working with “Images” blockWorking with “Images” block

  • The link is important to make email image clickable for subscribers to click through it to your website;

  • Add Alt Text in case when image is not downloaded to device; this way subscriber still can see the name and click through it;

  • Configure size, indents, position in the email for desktop version and mobile devices separately;

  • Replace the boring email confirmation button in your email with a picture; attach the required event link to it;

  • Hide the blocks that are useless for mobile device;

  • What email image will be adaptive and adjusted to the width of user's device screen, and what remains fixed - the choice is yours.

Edit image while you compose email

Working with “Images” block

You won’t need to upload/paste image into email everytime you want to make some minor edits (crop, unfold, add filters or make it monochrome) - all these options are already included in the email builder.


Crop image just as you wish, specifying pixels or choosing one of featured options.

Working with “Images” block

Use filters:

12 basic and 12 special effects are available in newsletter editor, you can also configure sharpness, focus and color, correct defects, lighten the picture and use vignettes.

Working with “Images” block

Improve the image resolution:

It is possible to increase the original email image resolution and apply the basic processing to sceneries, food, portraits and night shots. 

Working with “Images” block

Add graphic elements:

To make product cards attractive and refresh your email there are frames, stickers, writings. For example, use a round frame when you are preparing for a conference and need to make a speaker's presentation - all the photos will be styled in the same way.

Working with “Images” block

Add text, draw and delete:

Adjust size, color, fonts. Our email editor includes all the tools to compose the bright banner in just a few minutes.

Working with “Images” block

Compare "Before" and "After":

The original version is saved automatically.

Our goal is a convenient and efficient service that will help you to communicate with your subscribers successfully without losing an extra time.

It’s so easy to design email newsletter! Still didn’t try our email builder? It's time to start now.

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