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Editing HTML and CSS

Since new drag and drop editor is added to the system, the process of emails composing has become much faster and easier. Now, our online newsletter maker gives you opportunity to work both with blocks and code of messages changing them and getting an immediate result.

It may often happen when in HTML email CSS styles are contained, in the tag. For convenience of work with email builder, HTML and CSS are separated: 

In the CSS tab, email styles are prescribed; you can create them both in "Design" section or manually, right in the code editor. Feel free to upgrade and redefine styles, add media selectors and other features however you want.

We often need to change the standard blocks accordingly to our special requirements. For example, a structure with three containers has the same width of all containers. To edit this via HTML email builder, select the structure and change the width parameter in HTML code of email.

In HTML email editor mode you will see the editing result immediately: 

Looking at default "Menu" block we can see that cells parameters of emails in HTML are set equally in percents:

To increase or decrease these cells size we edit the width parameter in the same way; for example, 33.33% to 20%. 

Any editing of email leads to changes in code when creating HTML email, and vice versa. 
You can edit any block and save it to the newsletter creator library for further use.

Email builder also includes the possibility to add your own arbitrary HTML and CSS. In this case, pictures and links editors will be only available options of the whole HTML drag and drop editor features.

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