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Custom Filters for Recommendation Blocks

You can add additional rules of product display for each algorithm. For example, you can opt to show only products with certain parameters (brand, price, category), exclude products from the recommendation, set display priority, etc.

Adding conditions for a recommendation source

1. Open your account settings → go to the Data sources section →   click + Add rules on the tab with algorithm you want to edit (also you can add conditions when creating a new data source).  

 Data sources

2. Enter the rule name.


3. Click the Add rule button in the Main rules section.


4. Set up conditions for filtering products:

  • Show only products: for example, a specific brand.
  • Show more products: for example, promotional.
  • Do not show products: for example, cheaper than $200.
  • Diversity: for example, show no more than 2 products from one category.

New rules

Rules for contact fields are used to set up recommendations in campaigns. The setup instructions are available at the link.

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