Marketing localization solution

Multilingual campaigns to communicate with international customers in all marketing channels

Speak the language of your customer

Effective communication tool that helps international companies run successful business in multilingual countries.

Automated data collection

Want to determine the user's preferred language without being too intrusive? Our CDP will collect the necessary information based on the browser language.

Effective template management

You don’t need to create multiple copies, build additional segments, and workflows to minimize human errors and improve overall performance.

Optimized campaign builder

No extra steps and page loads. Accomplish all your tasks to run international marketing campaigns in one convenient drag-n-drop builder.

Convenient reporting

Forget about voluminous reporting on multiple languages! All statistics is now available within one page with convenient filtering and easy navigation.
Interaction with a multilingual audience has become up to 5 times faster
Multilingual solution is a unique tool that helps overcome language barriers and optimize your marketing localization strategy.
Automatic data filling
Preferred language data collection
Yespo allows both manual configuration of your audience’s preferred language and its automatic identification based on the browser and app’s language. The omnichannel platform can fill the customer’s profile with the necessary information based on their interaction with your campaigns.
Most user-friendly interface and advanced campaign builder
All language versions within one message template
Don’t get lost in translation. Create email copies in unlimited languages and edit them in one template. All multilingual campaigns are marked with a special icon which allows switching to the necessary copy in one click.
Universal workflows for campaign launch
Automated identification of the language for your journeys
Yespo’s functionality has greatly simplified workflow management by eliminating unnecessary checking and routine manual customization. Now, the system automatically chooses the sent language based on the data from the customer’s profile or event.
Convenient campaign analytics
Improved analytics for multilingual campaigns includes all the statistics and allows instant switching between reports on different language versions.
Choose any channel to reach your audience:
Multilanguage pricing plans
Manage multiple channels in different languages to reach a global customer base.
Automate your communication and provide a personalized customer experience for your international community. Use Multilanguage to put all of your marketing content in different languages, engaging each subscriber and boosting sales.
Payment Methods:
Bank Transfer

Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

NPS based on 2361 customer votes
8.5 out of 10
Multilingual messages for all channels
Perfect tool for omnichannel marketing! All communication in all available channels is managed in the preferred language. The preferred language is defined automatically during the sending, with no extra settings or segments required.
Choose any of 8 channels to reach your audience:
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