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Integration via Zapier

Zapier – is an online service for whose, who saves their time. You can use Zapier for automatization processes, connected with uploading/downloading files between two services, applications, CRM in several clicks.

From where to begin

Pass easy registration on zapier.com/sign-up. After this existing services and applications for integration will be available for you. Click “Make a zap” button to pass to settings.

make a zap

Choose from general list necessary accounts and login in them, for example, Google Spreadsheet and our platform.

What is zap

Zap – is a connection or integration between two or more applications, which allows automating your routine work.

The easiest zap consists of two Steps:

  1. Trigger, which starts the process and

  2. Action – means action, which is necessary to be executed in this case.

For transferring data, the consequence of applications is following: Trigger (source of data) -> Action (where to transfer them).

Data transfering

Zaps are started up automatically for transferring and managing data without any efforts from your side.

Integration example

For example, you want to automatically sign up new contacts, which you collect in Google Sheet. That is, when Trigger snaps into action – the new record in Google Sheet will appear, then to execute Action – means to transfer contact and respective additional fields in our system.

Data transfering

Execute following easy actions on each Step to “make them friends”:

  1. Choose necessary application

  2. Select necessary trigger and action from offered list
    The most popular will be shown to you; to see the whole list click “show less common options”

  3. Login your account in the application (the first time the pop-up window will appear, and then you can just select already existing account)

  4. Configure options or template of executing action.
    For example, enter the conformity of columns from the Sheet with fields in the system.

  5. Test of this Step allows looking through straight away, what exactly application gave you.

Integration with our platform

Every 15 minutes the table will be checked up and, if new strings appeared in it, new contacts in Your account will be created in our CDP.

Triggers and Actions in our platform

By creating your zaps you can use the same application both as Trigger that is initiator and source of data and as Action that is receiving information or executing other action.

For example, now our CDP allows following operations:

  • Triggers (trigger)

    • Adding new contact

    • Adding new contact in certain group


  • Actions (actions)

    • Send email

    • Send SMS

    • Sign a contact

    • Add/update contact



Be ready for:

  • one can execute 100 tasks in a month and 5 zaps for free of charge users

  • data transfer every 15 minutes in free of charge account and 5 minutes for paid ones

Other flaws weren’t determined yet.


Gazillion variants of elimination routine actions were found:

  • configure contact transfer from subscription form to our platform;

  • transfer the sender of the mail, which you marked by special tag in Gmail, in a certain list of contacts;

  • from Shopify (or any other CMS) transfer new contact, who agreed to obtain news mailing;

  • notify in Slack about a new subscriber in our company's group;

  • send email or SMS when adding strings in Google Sheet;

  • send yourself an SMS, when a new tweet will appear;

  • transfer contacts from PayPal, who executed successful payment…

And also filtrations, multilevel zaps, webhooks… and all this using only “mouse” :)

Popular zap's templates

We wish you successful automatization!

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