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Introduction to Workflows

A workflow is an automated message or series of messages sent based on set up conditions with a particular marketing purpose.

You can use workflows to segment your audience and send different campaign types, such as welcome series, birthday congrats, order confirmation, subscription changes, reactivation, etc.

There are 3 types of workflows:

In Yespo, we use a drag-and-drop builder to create workflows. It is a constructor that uses blocks — the tasks and conditions that you can add to a workflow.

Workflow builder

Workflow Blocks

There are three groups of blocks to be used for workflow creation:

  • General blocks are basic blocks necessary to build a workflow.
  • Actions blocks are used to set up an action in a workflow. The system performs such actions at a particular period of time or at a particular stage of contact management.
  • Conditions blocks check the user's compliance with a certain condition, split the workflow into two paths (Yes/No), and run one of them depending on the answer.

Learn about the different workflow blocks and how they work together.

Allowed Send Time Settings

Allowed time settings can increase the likelihood of a quick response to the campaign and communicate with subscribers at the most convenient time for them. 

Workflow Examples

This section contains instructions for setting up the most common automatic workflows: subscription confirmation, welcome series, abandoned carts and views, etc. Read more >

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