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Telegram Campaign Report

Reports on Telegram campaigns provide information on campaign performance, including sending, delivery and clicks.

Let’s consider the features of bulk reports. You can also check out

Conventionally, the report consists of 3 parts:

Telegram report

General Information

The first part of the report contains the following data:

  1. The message’s and segment’s names.
  2. Campaign start/finish date and time.
  3. Email of the user who started the campaign.
  4. Message preview.
  5. Message ID. To copy an ID, click on the copy icon next to it. Click on the link icon to edit a message.
  6. Message name.
  7. The segment of contacts to whom the message was sent.
  8. Segment ID.
  9. Date of segment’s last editing
  10. Tags for search and filtering of messages.

General information

Performance Indicators

The main statistics screen contains detailed information about unavailable contacts, sent and delivered messages and clicks, as well as errors.

Performance indicators

Green marks on the scale show the conditional indicators of a successful campaign, and red marks are negative indicators' conditional norm. Clicking on any report item opens a window for viewing the contacts list.

Above the general statistics are the following tabs:

  • Extra campaigns. Allows you to configure the automatic sending of messages based on the activity or inactivity of users regarding this campaign. More — at the link.
  • Export. Allows you to export contacts from the report to a CSV file, to an existing or a new list. Export is available for all campaign metrics: sent, delivered, inaccessible contacts when sending, over plan limit, annoyance level exceeded, etc.
  • More. Allows you to delete the report.

Actions with report

Multilanguage (optional)

Multilanguage is an automation tool that enables sending messages in different languages within one campaign. It helps avoid long message lists and voluminous unsystematic reports for every message.

Reports on multilingual campaigns are described in a special article.

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