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How to Send Product Recommendations via API

Product recommendations are an effective marketing tool. You can display personalized product recommendations in emails and on the site to generate repeat sales and grow customer retention.

Using the Contact recommendations based on web tracking resource, you can transfer data on customer preferences to other channels and offer recommendations based on it.

  • Messengers;
  • Call centers;
  • Pickup points;
  • Mobile apps.

How to Use Contact Recommendations Based on Web Tracking

The transfer of recommendations through Contact recommendations based on web tracking will allow operators/cashiers to generate repeat sales offering products based on customer shopping history.

Example 1

When calling the customer to confirm the order, the manager sees a list of recommendations for the bought products and personal recommendations for this customer, if any.

Example 2

When making an offline purchase, the customer provides their discount card or tells the phone number to earn account bonuses. The system identifies the customer and shows the additional recommendations for them.

What Product Categories Can Be Recommended

  • Alternatives to out-of-stock products.
  • Also bought. Cross-sell based on items added to the cart.
  • You may also like. Upsell of more expensive items and complementary goods to increase the order price.
  • Bestsellers. Recommendations based on orders by other customers.
  • Personal recommendations based on the customer’s purchase history.
  • Other. Recommendations created not using our algorithms.


You need to send requests for each recommendation type because they have different data sources.

How to Use Recommendations

You need to create a data source for each recommendation type. Its ID will be used for an API call.

How to Send Recommendations

Specify request parameters:

Parameter Type Description


You can find data source IDs in Settings > Data sources.

contactId Long You need to specify at least one of the parameters – contactId, email, phone.
email Email You need to specify at least one of the parameters – contactId, email, phone.
phone Phone You need to specify at least one of the parameters – contactId, email, phone.
products String Product array. Required for algorithms based on product data.
category String Category array. Required for algorithms based on category data.


This method doesn’t include the offset and maxrows parameters. The number of elements isn’t expected to be large and they are configured at the data source level.

Request and Response Examples

Go to your profile > Settings > Data Sources. Choose the data source and send a request


where 1244 is a data source ID.

Data source ID

In the response, each field will be filled:

    // Mandatory fields
    id: string
    name: string
    url: URL
    price: double
    descr: text
    brand: string
    category: string[]
    isInStock: int

    // Optional fields which depend on a customer's feed format
    // All such fields start from "tags_".
    // Examples: tags_gender, tags_clear_size, tags_universal_size



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