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Placement of Recommendations on the Webpage

Placement setting is required for recommendation blocks created in Yespo account.

1. Go to Placements, click New placement and select the page type.

New placement

2. Enter the title. For convenience, use the page type and where on the page the recommendation will be placed.


3. Use a CSS selector to specify the element you want to add a placement to.

  • Go to the page where the recommendation will be placed and click F12 to open the console. You can also open the console by right-clicking on the page and clicking Inspect.
  • Activate Select an element in the page to inspect it by clicking it.

Select element

  • Click the element relative to which the recommendation will be placed (before, after, inside the element).

Select element

  • Right-click the selected element and click Copy > Copy selector.

Copy selector

  • Paste the copied CSS selector in the input field above.

Insert selector

4. Select where the recommendation will be placed relative to the selected element and click Done.

Select placement

5. To assign the created placement to the recommendation, go to Recommendations and click the necessary recommendation in the general list. Click Parameters, and in Placement select the necessary placement.


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