Yespo Marketing Agency Pricing

We offer four packages of retention marketing services — choose the best for your business.

  • Analyzing your account’s technical settings and its integrations for more efficient platform use
  • Reviewing your domain settings for better email deliverability
  • Parsing your emails’ layout and giving recommendations on design and its adaptability
  • Offering options for optimizing configured triggers
  • Widening your omnichannel strategy
  • Checking lead magnets and other customer data sources
  • Studying key business indicators and giving recommendations for their improvement
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  • Developing an individual plan for improving your communication strategy using omnichannel tools
  • Preparing technical specifications for convenient integrations
  • Designing message templates for your brand
  • Considering your customer profiles and selecting target segments for campaigns
  • Personalizing communication with your audience
  • Finding and launching effective triggers taking into account your customer's path
  • Monitoring your vital marketing metrics and making adjustments to the strategy based on their analysis
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  • Use all Yespo features for customer retention in your business
  • Work with a contact list and campaign analytics
  • Layout beautiful emails in a convenient editor: we will share life hacks and reveal pitfalls
  • Organize relevant communication through different channels
  • Build effective trigger chains
  • Automate routine business processes
  • Orchestrate an omnichannel retention strategy
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Integrated support

Get a Customized Offer

Implementation of custom solutions and triggers. Individual tariff and strategy for you and your business.

Payment Methods:
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1. Account audit is suitable for you if you are already using the eSputnik system but would like to improve the result and need an expert assessment of your strategy. You will receive a full-fledged analysis that will identify bottlenecks and growth points in the existing process.
2. Comprehensive retention marketing will be the best if you need help with your project on our platform. We will help make your communication with customers more effective at every stage of your interaction. Suppose you are just planning to launch retention marketing. In that case, we will take care of the correct account setup, launch the basic triggered workflows that accompany the customer’s life cycle, and offer ideas for a promo mailing content plan. Already have a set-up marketing communication? We will find out how to optimize it.
3. Choose Coaching if:
  • you already have marketers on staff, but they are not familiar with the Yespo system enough;
  • you would like to engage in retention marketing yourself but do not know where to start;
  • everything you do or have done is not producing the desired result, and you would like to use Yespo features the best to promote your business.
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