Security and Compliance

Automatically Sending SMS to Contacts without Viber

To know if a contact uses Viber, send them a Viber message. 

If Viber is not linked to the number, the messages fall into errors, and the report shows the following cause for non-delivery:

Delivery error

To notify such a subscriber of important information, for example, about an order, add the following blocks to your chain in the workflow:

End each of the branches with the End block.

Workflow example

In the timer, specify a time interval longer than the message time to live (TTL) set in the message editor.


All numbers to which Viber messages could not be delivered will fall into errors after TTL expires. After the workflow timer expires, contacts who do not receive Viber will go by the No branch and receive SMS.

If the TTL exceeds the timer's time, the subscriber can receive both Viber and SMS.

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