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FAQ: Launching First Campaign

How to Launch a Campaign from the Saved templates?

There is no way to start a campaign in the Saved templates section.

Saved templates

To send an email saved as a template, go to the Messages section, click Create Email and go to the Saved tab.


Open the desired template — it contains the Create campaign button. Click it and schedule a campaign.

To make the template appear as a regular email in the general list, go to it and click Save. The email will be in the saved templates and the general list.

General email list

What Are the Email Open annd Click Rates for My Industry?

Open and click rate norms are average indicators that may be far from your specific case.

First, the percentage of opens and clicks will depend on the email type. Transactional order confirmations have the highest open rates, subscription confirmations have the highest CTR, and newsletters have the lowest engagement rates.

The CTR of promotional emails will vary depending on the content's quality, the open rate — on the subject and the contact list quality. Everything is very individual, and you can find the best guidelines in your previous similar campaigns.

What Is the Norm for Unsubscribing?

The normal unsubscribe rate is up to 3%. Unsubscribes may be affected by the following:

  • uninteresting and irrelevant emails;
  • frequency of mailings;
  • changing the sender's name.

Note that unsubscribes are sometimes good. In this way, the contact list is cleaned of inactive contacts, and the general indicators of the mailing are improved. There is no reason to worry if the percentage of unsubscribes is at most 1%.

How Can I Improve My Campaign Statistics?

Each case is individual. We are always ready to help you in solving any questions. If you doubt your emails, leave a request for an audit.

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When Is the Best Time to Send Emails?

The general answer is from Tuesday to Friday morning. There is a better chance that subscribers will read your email since these are working days, and people check their mailboxes frequently.

Your tests can provide a better answer to this question.

Test the following sending parameters:

  • Time of day;
  • Weekday;
  • The number of weekly campaigns.

Why Do We Need Alt Attributes for Images?

Alt-text indicates to mailers that the email contains an image that needs to be uploaded. If the image has not been loaded, the person can see a description of the image content.

How to Сreate an Email That Will Look Equally Good on Different Device Types?

The Yespo editor has a built-in adaptability function. You can adjust the adaptability both for the entire email and its elements.
Adaptivity settings.

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