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Birthday Campaign

Automate your birthday campaigns so that each contact gets greetings or discount offers on the right day. You can schedule campaign send time before the actual date to give customers time to take advantage of your offer.

In the system, you can set up a birthday campaign in two ways:

  • send it to a segment;
  • include it in a workflow.

Before getting started with settings, you need to create a birthday campaign and save it in the system.

Birthday email template

You also need to import contacts. Make sure to check the correctness and validity of the contact data: name, email address, date of birth, phone number (for SMS and Viber campaigns).

Sending a Birthday Campaign to a Segment

1. Go to Contacts → Segments, and click Add a segment.

Add a segment

2. Choose Dynamic, and click Create.

Create a dynamic segment for the campaign

3. Fill the fields and click Next:

  • title: will be displayed in the general list;
  • segment purpose: for what campaigns the segment will be used;
  • tags: for segment filtering.

Fill in general properties

4. Click Add card. In Fields → Personal  → Date of birth, choose today.

Set up date of birth

5. To see all the contacts included in the segment, click Preview contacts in the segment.

Preview contacts in the segment

6. Click Done. The segment will be saved, and you will be able to see it in the general list in Contacts → Segments.

Contact segments general list

Note. Contacts are updated every day based on this condition. Only contacts with a birthday on the corresponding day are included in the segments. The segment is updated at 3 a.m.

7. To launch a campaign, click Create campaign and choose the necessary email.

Create campaign

8. In Send options below, click Schedule, choose Every day, schedule the launch of the campaign, and click Confirm.

Send options

All scheduled campaigns are listed in Campaigns → Scheduled campaigns. If there are no contacts in the segment on any day of sending, the email won’t be sent to anyone.

Scheduled campaigns general list

Sending a Birthday Campaign from a Workflow

1. Go to Automation → Workflows, and click Add workflow.

Create a workflow

2. Add and configure the following blocks:

  • Start
  • Timer
  • Email
  • End

(See How to create a workflow in the system, Workflow blocks description)


3. In Email settings, you need to choose the message to be sent.


4. In Timer settings, select sending time.


Since segments are updated at 3 a.m, the workflow will be launched at the same time. To avoid bothering your customers at night, set a delay block and specify the desired send time.


5. Click Save and exit.

The saved workflow will be shown in Automation → Workflows.

Workflow launching and activation

1. Click Trigger configuration.


2. Select the Regular tab, the segment to send to, and the start schedule.

Start schedule

3. In the Process unique events select Each time and click Apply.

Process unique events

4. Click Activate and launch a workflow.

Launch a workflow

Workflow Options

Apart from the standard birthday greetings, you can create different workflows that will help make a gift for the customer, for example, promo code, sales discount, etc.

Birthday email design

Such a campaign should be sent a few days before the birthday. To send it, create the following segment:

1. Go to Contacts → Segments, and click Add a segment.

Add a segment

2. Choose Dynamic, and click Create.

Add a dynamic segment

3. Fill the fields and click Next:

Fill in all fields

4. Click Add card and select Fields → Personal information → Date of birth → via → 5 → days.

Configure date of birth

5. Save the segment, and launch the campaign as described above. Contacts from the segment will receive the birthday campaign 5 days before their birthday.

Note that Email is not the only channel you can use to congratulate your customer. You can also use SMS, Viber, Web Push, or Mob Push, or combine any channel in any order. For example, you can send a Viber message to contacts who haven’t opened the email within 2 days:

Add a Viber message to the workflow

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