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Setting Up Annoyance Level

Email marketing consists of different types of campaigns:

  • Welcome;
  • Promo;
  • Triggered;
  • News;
  • Events, etc.

However, too often communication can result in the negative outcome:

  • Spam complaints;
  • Unsubscribes;
  • Decrease of loyalty.

If you send frequent (daily) campaigns to different segments that can include the same contacts, there is a chance you might be too intrusive with part of your contact base. To avoid this, set up the annoyance level and limit messages you send.


Annoyance Level is applicable to emails and mobile push notifications. To manage the sending limit for all channels, set up Campaign Frequency and Subscription Categories.

1. Go to your personal profile → Settings Laboratory and enable Annoyance Level.

Annoyance Level Settings

2. Unroll the tab and specify daily and weekly annoyance limits.

Annoyance limits


The annoyance level consists of the daily and weekly limit credits you assign to a campaign depending on its type and sending frequency. Based on them, the system calculates the acceptable annoyance level for a particular contact using their contact ID. If the annoyance limit is exceeded for the contact, the campaign won’t be sent to them.

Credit Calculation

The key with assigned daily limit credits resets every day at 00:00 UTC. The key with weekly credits resets on Sunday until 11:59 pm UTC.

How to Assign Credits


  • In Messages Messages  Email, open the necessary email or create one.
  • Click the subject to open its sender info settings.
  • In Annoyance level, enter the necessary credit.

How to assign credits to an email

Mob Push

  • In Messages Messages Mob Push, open the necessary push notification or create one.
  • Enable Annoyance level and enter the necessary credit.

How to assign credits to a mob push

You can also set up the annoyance level in Send options when you schedule a campaign.

Send options


If one contact has an email address and mob push token with different IDs, annoyance credits will be assigned separately for each ID.

Example of How to Use Annoyance Level

The online store sends several types of campaigns:

  • Triggered promo. Sent to the segment that includes users who haven’t visited the website for a week.
  • Daily news.
  • Weekly digest.

Annoyance credits for each type:

  • Promo – 3 credits;
  • News – 1 credit;
  • Digest – 2 credits.

How the daily limit is calculated

Say the daily annoyance limit is 4 credits. Contacts that have both email address and push token have one ID.

Today, the user has already received a promo email and news push and thus reached the limit. A digest won't be sent to this user.

How the weekly limit is calculated

Say that the weekly annoyance limit is 10 credits.

If today is Thursday, and the user has already received several messages and reached 8 credits, till the end of the week they can receive either one message assigned with 2 credits or two messages assigned with 1 credit each.

The system won’t send campaigns to contacts with exceeded limits. Such messages will fall to Errors.

Error status


Assign important messages with 0 annoyance level so that their send does not affect the limit. But if the daily or weekly level is already exceeded, campaigns with even 0 annoyance level won’t be sent anyway.

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