Security and Compliance

Adding a Sender Name

Before starting Viber campaigns, you need to register a sender name from which the campaign will be sent.

In Yespo, two options exist for registering a sender name:

  1. Creating a new sender name.

  2. Adding an existing sender.

Creating a New Sender Name

Use this option if you haven't registered a Viber sender before. In this case, you can create it in your Yespo account.

  1. Go to the Pricing plans tab on the main page of your profile.

Pricing plans

  1. Select the Viber tab, expand it, and click Apply for adding.

Apply for adding

  1. Send a request.

Send a request

The sales department will contact you and provide information on further actions.

You can find out the cost of a monthly subscription in your Yespo account or send a request to sales@yespo.io 

The money remains in the account and can be used to pay for messages after connection.

Click Show pricing plans for all countries to see pricing by country.

Pricing by country



  • The registration term of the sender's name can take 7 to 30 days.

  • You can’t use SMS Sender ID to send Viber messages.

  • Sender name registration for Viber, as well as for SMS, is free. There is no additional fee for using the sender's name in the campaign.

Adding an Existing Sender

Processing allows you to send messages via the service provider you work with. 

You can find out the prices here.

  1. In your profile, go to Settings → Senders → Viber.

Profile settings



To add a sender, you need to be a current customer of one of the following Viber service providers:

  • GMS Hyber;

  • Infobip;

  • TurboSMS;

  • Kyivstar;

  • Omnicell;

  • Messaggio;

  • SMS Club.

If you have a different service provider, please contact support@yespo.io

  1. Click New sender.

New sender

  1. Select the I’ve already contracted a Viber service provider and have a registered sender option and specify the provider you work with.

Select the option

If you select the I want to register a new sender option, the system will offer to do it via Yespo.

Provider's Technical Settings Parameters


The sender name in technical parameters is the name you received when registering with your service provider. This name is case-sensitive.

Sender name

1. GMS Hyber

1. Enter the data:

  • Sender name.

  • Login, password, URL, timeout, Alpha name (required if the recipient has not received the Viber message, and you use the SMS forwarding function).

GMS Hyber



Your provider needs to add the IP addresses, to the IP allow list

Please contact your provider

2. Click Done.


Use Yespo tags so that when uploading reports from GMS Hyber, you can quickly analyze how many messages of a specific type were sent: collecting feedback, installing an application, etc. If you use more than one tag in a message, they are substituted to the report separated by commas: tag=tag1,tag2,tag3.

2. Infobip

1. Enter the data:

  • Sender name.

  • Login and password are taken from the Infobip account. 



To get the open rate, contact Infobip and ask to add the link to the webhook in your account. Without the added link, the open rate will equal the click rate.


2. Click Done.

3. TurboSMS

1. Enter the data:

  • Sender name.

  • Authorization token: copy it from the API settings in the TurboSMS account. 


2. Click Done.

4. Kyivstar

1. Enter the data:

  • Sender name.

  • Login, password, and source are taken from the Kyivstar account. 


2. Click Done.

5. Omnicell

1. Enter the data:

  • Sender name.

  • Login, password, and sender ID are taken from the Omnicell account. 



Add the handler URL in the Omnicell account settings to configure status retrieval. The handler URL to which the statuses will be sent is: https://esputnik.com/dlr/v1/omnicell/status.

2. Click Done.

6. Messaggio

1. Enter the data:

  • Sender name.

  • Login, password, and bulk login are taken from the Messaggio account. 



Add the handler URL in the Omnicell account settings to configure status retrieval. The handler URL to which the statuses will be sent is: https://esputnik.com/dlr/v1/messaggio/status

2. Click Done.

7. SMS Club

1. Enter the data:

  • Sender name.

  • Login, password, and sender name are taken from the SMS Club account. 

SMS Club

2. Click Done.

After registration, you’ll see a confirmation:



The fee for sending one message is current at the time of publication of the article; the data may change.

The added sender will be displayed in the general list with the Available status.

Sender list

Deleting a Sender


Before deleting a sender, you need to create or select another one, otherwise, you will be unable to send messages.

To delete a sender: 

  1. Go to your profile  → Settings → Senders

  2. Select the Viber tab and click the trash icon at the right-hand side of the sender name you wish to delete. 

Deleting a sender

3. Select Delete on the dialog window.

Delete confirmation

Changing a Viber Sender

To change a sender in existing Viber messages:

1. Go to Messages → Messages → Viber and select Viber message.

Changing a sender

2. In the Main settings section, expand the dropdown list below Sender and select another sender for this message from the list.

Select another sender

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