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The page provides quick access to all sections of the system, and also displays information about the current pricing plans of the account.

Dashboard section

Go to Dashboard >


This section manages contacts and stores information about them — first name, last name, phone number, email, address and other personal data. You can add new contacts manually or import them from other sources, creating segments for easy management. Statistics displays the number of contacts, their activity, cohort and RFM analysis.

Contacts section

Go to Contacts >


In this section, you can create and send different types of messages: Email, SMS, Web Push, Mobile Push, Viber, App Inbox, In-App. Save messages as templates for quick future reference. Statistics in the Messages section displays information about the number of sent and read messages, and clicks on the links.

Messages section

Go to Messages >


In this section, you can view scheduled campaigns and information about previously sent bulk or single messages. It also displays the unsubscribe reasons. Frequency strategy will help you set up contact list segmentation and create a campaign schedule.

Campaigns section

Go to Campaigns >


This section allows creating individual product recommendations for each visitor based on their website activity. Using integrated forms and various widget types (subscription forms, informers, launchers, age gate), you can collect data about subscribers.

Site section

Go to Site >


All the functionality for automating campaigns is available here: 

  • creating workflows and events to launch triggered campaigns; 

  • adding event types and viewing their history; 

  • work with orders.

Automation section

Go to Automation >

Personal Account Management

The personal account consists of the following subsections:

  • Switch account. The option is available if you work with several accounts.

  • My profile. Settings and information associated with your system account: 

    • Personal data such as first name, last name, phone number, password. 

    • Setting up notifications, for example, notifications about the renewal of the pricing plan or about the lack of funds in the account.

    • Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA).

My profile settings

Go to My profile settings >

  • Settings: options for campaigns customization, integrations and account management.

All system settings

To see all system Settings —  follow the link >

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at support@yespo.io

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