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How to Make a Campaign Using Optimal Messaging Frequency Strategy

The Optimal messaging frequency strategy will help you set up contact list segmentation and create a campaign schedule.


The strategy doesn’t automate the launch of the campaigns and doesn’t control the time of day to send an email. Both remain the responsibility of the marketers.

Strategy Setting

1. Go to Campaigns -> Frequency strategy and click New Strategy.

New strategy


The Optimal messaging frequency strategy functionality is available in the Pro and Enterprise tariff plans.

2. Specify a name for the strategy.

3. Select segments to which you want to set frequency rules. 

4. Add tags — types of messages you want to send according to the strategy rules.

Strategy settings

5. Specify settings at the intersections of segments and tags. To do this, move the cursor over the cell and click the left mouse button.

Cell settings

6. Select one of the proposed frequency options in the window with the frequency settings. Click Done.

Frequency options

Set similar settings for the rest of the intersections. If you haven't put settings for a particular cell, then a dash will remain in it by default. The dash is equal to the Don’t send option.

You can drag and drop segments with the entire row and tags with the column.

Drag and drop features

Before sending the message, the system checks segments from top to bottom and tags from left to the right. If the system finds a contact in the first segment, it applies the rules from this line to this contact and doesn’t search for it in subsequent lines.

Not included in segments contacts are those who did not include in any of the segments selected above. For them, you can also set sending frequency for selected tags.

Not included in segments

7. After creating and configuring the strategy, click the Save button.

Campaign Scheduling

Icons associated with the strategy will appear next to the segments in the Contacts → Segments section.

Strategy icon

The segment can participate in several strategies. Hover over the icon to see all of them.

Strategies for segment

Let's say you've prepared an email taged Promo for four target segments.

Some contacts can be in several account segments at once. Thanks to the strategy, you don’t need to manually select a segment for the next campaign and check the schedule — the strategy will do it for you.

Click on the Create campaign button opposite any strategy segment.

Create campaign

Next, select the channel and the message:

Select the channel and the message

The system will move you to the scheduling window, but so far, without considering the strategy. Add the desired segments at this stage by clicking on the Edit button.


Mark the target segments.

 Target segments

Click Continue, then Recalculate Contacts. You will see how many contacts you get in total before applying the strategy.

Recalculate Contacts

Go to the bottom of the page, set the sending options, and click the Schedule button.

Set the sending options

Select the date, time of sending, and click on the Next button — the system will redirect you to the Contacts calculation tab.

In the Frequency strategy management, select the strategy from the drop-down list. The system will recalculate contacts, excluding those not matching the strategy rules. After recalculation, you will get the number of contacts currently available for sending.

Click the Schedule button.


The system will redirect you to the Campaigns → Scheduled campaigns section.

Hover over the “+” icon under the campaign name to see its details.

Campaign details

You will see in the pop-up window:

  • segments included in the campaign;
  • segments excluded from the campaign;
  • the name of the strategy;
  • details of included and excluded contacts.

Campaign Analytics

If you have applied a frequency strategy to your campaign, you can see all the data and statistics for each segment from the strategy in the Reports section.

Campaign analytics

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