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We create, send, analyze and improve all your marketing campaigns using an omnichannel approach: web push and mobile push notifications, In-app, App-Inbox, emails, SMS, Viber, and pop-ups. We automate communication, guarantee 100% deliverability, and increase the average check with upselling and user retention practices

Grow your profit

Sell more goods and services to your loyal customers. You can run omnichannel campaigns to remind them of related products and services. Attract customers with discounts on repeat purchases, encourage them with small incentives — and your sales will soar!

Build loyalty

Implement effective customer retention strategies with our direct marketing agency. Increase your brand value — regularly share useful content and send bonuses. New customers will become regular ones and turn into your brand advocates.

Save resources

You don't need to look for new employees and then train and motivate them. We provide a full range of campaign management services. You’ll get an entire top marketing agency at your disposal and it will only cost you the average marketer salary. It can be useful for small businesses as well as medium and large companies.

Automate marketing

We’ll help to implement marketing automation to your strategy. And make sure each of your clients will receive offers tailored to their interests and needs, based on customer behavior data. The better you meet the demand, the more products you’ll sell.
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Examples of successful marketing strategy implementation
We've already helped hundreds of B2B and B2C businesses set up email marketing from scratch, drive sales and grow loyal customers. Get acquainted with the cases of the marketing agency: perhaps they describe the solution to your problem!
We help use maximum customer data!
Take care of your customers, boosting your own profit
We collected data on customers of the Multiplex movie chain and segmented offers for different groups of subscribers. There was a 4% difference in CTOR between regular and segmented campaigns, and more relevant content in emails generated 51.3% more sales.Multiplex case
Multiplex 50%
We configure data processing in real time!
Create personalized campaigns based on customers’ preferences
Our active partnership began in January 2020. We reached messages personalization by using segmentation by order parameters which are instantly sent to the customer data platform and processed. So far, our ROI is 152% and keeps on growing monthly, while our ROAS is 5:1 — we’re making $5 in revenue per $1 spent.Raketa case
Average check increased by 16%
We implement best marketing practices!
Test subject lines to find the best variant
We’ve implemented a series of abandoned cart triggers in the marketing strategy of our beauty products eCommerce and found the optimal campaign format by testing various options. By solely adding a timer, we increased the click rate by 2 times. Cosmetics store case
Click rate - 2x growth
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