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Using Workflow Launch History

You can view the launch history of your workflows and check for any errors in your workflow blocks. Also, you can preview the workflows.

Opening Workflow Launch History

To open the workflow launch history:
Go to Automation → Workflows.
Click the Statistics icon of the workflow and select one of the items from the dropdown menu:

  • In progress
  • Completed
  • Launched per 7 days

Workflow Launch History

Viewing Launched and Completed Workflows

If you select In progress or Completed from the Statistics dropdown menu, the history window shows two tabs:

  • In progress
  • Completed

You can switch between these tabs in this window.

If you select Launched per 7 days, the history window shows all the workflows (in progress and completed) launched during the last 7 days.

To view the details of a particular launch, select the launch in the Launches pane. The blocks triggered for that launch display in the Blocks pane.

Launched and Completed Workflows

If you do not find a launch in the list, scroll down the list in the Launches pane and click the Show more launches button.

Show more launches button

To see the details of a block, select the block in the Blocks column.

Details of a Block

The pane on the right-hand side shows the following information:

  • Block name
  • Block parameters
  • Context parameters

Viewing Errors

The launch history window marks the workflows and their blocks containing errors with an error icon (a red circle with an exclamation sign inside).
To view details on an error:

  1. Open the launch history window and select the workflow marked with the Error icon.
  2. Select the block marked with the Error icon.

The error details are highlighted in red in the block details pane on the right-hand side.

Viewing Errors

Viewing Workflow Start Preview

You can view the workflow execution path for a particular workflow launch.
To open the workflow start preview:

  1. In the launch history window, select a workflow.
  2. Select the View icon that shows while you are pointing at the workflow.

Workflow Start Preview

The Workflow start preview window opens in a new tab of your browser.

Preview Window

The execution path for that launch is highlighted in blue.

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