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If scenario does not work

If scenario does not work, check the following points

Verify if the scenario is active and running

Verify if the scenario is active and running

Make sure that you specified scenario starting conditions

Make sure that you specified scenario starting conditions

Make sure that the scenario is started

After starting the scenario, the following entries will appear:

  • in process
  • completed
  • launched this week

If the scenario was not started, then there are no such records or the values remain unchanged.

Make sure that there was an event that should run the scenario

Make sure that there was an event

Go to the AutomationEvent History. See whether the event appeared that should run the scenario and whether the event relates to it.
If the scenario has to be triggered by a click on the button in the email - check again that the event is bound to a button.

If the scenario is running but does not work

Look at the progress of the scenario (both for active and completed)

Click on one of the records

You will see a window with the history of launches. Click on the icon with the eye and you will see the stages of the scenario execution.

If the scenario went from beginning to end, but it did not work as it should - see if the parameters in the scenario blocks are correctly filled in

Check whether the blocks are connected correctly or not

Blocks must be sequentially linked. Maybe some blocks you have not linked. Any script must necessarily have Start and End blocks. If you have the branching in the scenario - see if they are related to the block or blocks End.

Does the event match the scenario?

For a group event (import of contacts), blocks for groups in the scenario (email group, SMS group, etc.) should be used. For a single event (subscription, made an order, etc.), single blocks in the scenario (email, SMS, etc.) should be used.

The scenario should not use blocks for single contacts and groups  

Check the settings of the blocks.

Perhaps you missed a parameter in one of the scenario blocks. Each block has mandatory parameters. If they are not filled in, the scenario may not start or work incorrectly.

Check whether the names of the variables correspond to the scenario blocks and events

In the scenario, you can only use parameter names that are passed with the event.

For example, in this event, the variable that transmits the email is called EmailAddress. Accordingly, in the scenario, you can only use this name for the fields where the email parameter is used.

Email parameter

If the email is not delivered

If one of your clients complains that he did not receive emails, check the following:

Check the status of the user (is he in the blacklist or accidentally unsubscribed)

Check the fact of sending the email

Go to the ReportsSingle reports. Input the contact email to the search box and click Search.

In the search results, you will see all the emails that were sent to the user and the status of the letters. If there was some kind of an error, it will be displayed in the Result column.

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