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Product Blocks Generator


The product block (product card) contains images, prices, buttons with a call to action and other necessary information.

First, we select a template from the blanks, and then we specify the links to the blocks of goods on your site and click on the Get values button. The application automatically inserts all the data about the product from the site, if the rules are set correctly.

If necessary, you can insert your own HTML code or make changes in existing code, to do this go to the HTML tab.

Set up rules for obtaining data about the product. If you do not know how to do this - click on the Fill for my site button and our specialists will do it for you in the shortest possible time.

Copy the HTML and all that remains to do is paste the code in your letter.

Fields settings

Going to settings, enter a test URL in order to test the correctness and data compliance already during the rules installation.

Change the value and type of CSS selector, if necessary add regular expression, moving through the tabs, which describe a certain part of the product unit. After filling in all rules, click Finish button.

Remember that any time you can manually change data values.

Template setup

Easily add variables directly to the HTML code. For this use the following syntax : $[variable_name][item_name].

Please note that the variable name must not contain Cyrillic characters, hyphen and underscore and the number must match the goods number. For example : $oldPrice1 .

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