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AMP Campaign Report

You can view separate statistics on AMP campaigns in a general report.


To send AMP emails, you must be registered with Gmail as a dynamic sender.

Go to Campaigns > Reports and click the necessary campaign.

Select the necessary campaign in reports

The first section provides general statistics on the campaign, including both HTML and AMP. Additional statistics on HTML and AMP is given in the second section.

Email campaign report

Opens and Clicks

Click Map

The section shows the click rate for each email element with a link. In HTML, you can view statistics on HTML only. In AMP HTML, you can view statistics on both HTML and AMP (and not on AMP only).

AMP Campaign example

Click map has two tabs:

  • Contacts: Displays % of users who clicked each active element. The total amount of clicks can be more than 100% because the same user can click several links.
  • Click rate: Displays the percentage of each link in the general click rate. The total amount of clicks can not be more than 100%.

Table of Сlicks

The section features two lists of links with and without clicks. You can enable Group by URL to group the same links that are added to different content.

Table of clicks

You can export contacts that clicked the same link, if needed.


This section shows Open Rate and Click-to-Open Rate for both AMP and HTML You can add details and sort opens by domains and segments.

Opens and clicks

Reaction Time

The chart shows when your recipients opened and clicked after delivery. You can see the stats for 24 hours or 7 days. Most often, the peak activity falls on the first 2-3 hours after the launch. You can hover over the chart to see opens and clicks over a certain period.

Reaction time



The report shows statistics by domains that a particular campaign was most sent to. The Other tab includes domains with a small share in the general statistics.

Segments tab

The table allows you to indirectly evaluate the probability of your campaign being landed in Spam.


To measure the effectiveness of the campaign within a certain segment or segments, click Choose segments and select segments you want to show stats for.


Note that the columns Opened, Clicked, and Click-to-open show general statistics as well:

  • Total;
  • AMP;
  • HTML.

Segments tab

To delete the selected contacts from the list, click Choose segments and remove checked boxes.

Click choose segments

Additional Statistics


This tab is only available for campaigns for which you’ve conducted split testing of subject lines. It shows the results of the A/B test excluding subject lines and separately for each version.

Additional Statistics for AMP


This tab is only available for multilingual campaigns. It shows the results excluding the language and separately for each version.

Additional Statistics for AMP campaigns


For each tab, you can add details:

  • By domain;
  • By segment;
  • By language (for multilingual campaigns).

Additional Statistics in AMP reports

Number and Percent Values

The statistics can be given in numbers or percentages.

Additional Statistics in reports


You can sort the statistics by

  • sent;
  • errors;
  • opened.

Search filters

Data Transfer

You can copy the results of the tabs Segments and Experiment to Excel or Google Sheets.

How to copy data

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