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Exporting Subscriber Groups from Reports

You are probably familiar with the statistics on the mailing campaign yet, it helps to analyze the performance of your company’s email marketing. But how to manage the obtained data next?


Our CDP allows you not only to track the indicators for each campaign but also to divide subscribers in segments: opened, clicked through, not opened, unsubscribed, reported spam, blacklisted, unconfirmed.

In addition to exporting the entire report, choose the contacts you need to continue communication with.

Combine contacts in a special segment group:


Divide subscribers database depending on their activity, configure the mailing frequency and emails content.

For example, you held a webinar recently and now you want to send mailings to the following subscriber groups:

  1. Notification to subscribers who were registered but missed it due to some reasons;

  2. Case studies for those who visited the webinar.

It can be done both manually and using a trigger. For example, if subscriber click some link in your email he navigates to complex group where special script runs sending him email on subject he needs.

Create a segment based on clicks through email:


“Clicks-through map” section is available in Reports where you can track the transitions for each email block and make customers segmentation splitting the database into complex groups based on specific links clicked by clients.

Make special offers actual for your subscribers.

Export subscriber groups as csv file:


In relation to security enhancements export is possible only to mailbox addresses similar to your account login.

You will receive a file with the same all fields available for the platform's contact. The data can be used not only for customer segmentation but also to update the clients database:

  • Export the blacklisted, unsubscribed, reported spam and unconfirmed contacts to remove them from the system;

  • Export the subscriber groups to analyse them outside the system etc.

Sort your contact database:

Sort your contact database

Keep the database clean. Remove the inactive addresses without any doubt to protect your sender reputation score.

Go to the "Contacts" section and select the required tab there:

  • Blacklisted (email server errors, invalid addresses, non-existing domains, mailboxes overflow etc.);

  • Unsubscribed (those who were your subscribers but don’t want to receive newsletters from your company anymore);

  • Reported spam (subscribers that consider your mailings content not relevant);

  • Unconfirmed (website visitors that not confirmed their email addresses in messages they received right after filling in the subscription form on the site).

Remove addresses manually or contact our support team.

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