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Subscription Categories

Subscription categories allow companies to manage campaigns and send them to particular contact segments. You can create unlimited subscription categories, for example:

  • Newsletters;
  • Product categories;
  • Promo and sales;
  • Subscriptions to products of a particular brand.

Contacts will be included in categories based on their preferences and will receive only campaigns they are interested in.

Note Subscription categories aren’t a default feature. You need to create them manually.

Creating Category

1. Go to your profile → Settings → Subscription categories and click New category.

New category

2. Enter the title. The key is created automatically based on the title. Keys are used for API integrations.


3. Click Done. The system will create the category and automatically create a segment with the same name that will appear in the general list of segments.

Subscription category in segments

You can create unlimited categories. The corresponding purple label marks each segment assigned to the category.


A segment assigned to the subscription category cannot be deleted or renamed in the general list. Delete the corresponding subscription category in Settings → Subscription categories to delete the segment. Contacts included in the deleted segment will remain in the system.

Delete category

Adding Subscribers to the Category

You can add subscribers to the category in the following ways:

  • Importing new contacts;
  • Exporting existing contacts;
  • Transferring contacts from the subscription form or CRM via API.

The same contacts added to one category via different methods are not duplicated.

Importing New Contacts

1. Choose the necessary subscription category and click Import contacts.

Import contacts

2. You’ll be directed to New import. Upload the file with contacts and map contact fields.

Fields mapping

3. The assigned segment will be specified automatically. Confirm the terms and click Start import.

Start import

Once the import is successfully completed, contacts will appear in the category.

Exporting Existing Contacts

You can export to the category existing single contacts or list segments.

1. To export a segment:

  • Go to Contacts → Segments, choose the list segment you want to export, click settings on the right, and select To the existing lists.

To the existing lists

  • Select the segment you want to add contacts to and click Done.

2. To export a single contact:

  • Go to Contacts → Segments and click the necessary category in the general list.
  • Click Add contact and select Add from existing.

Add from existing

  • Select contacts for export and click Add.

Transferring Contacts via API

Use one of the API methods to transfer new contacts from the subscription form or CRM to the specified segment.

Contact Management

You can exclude contacts from a category in the following ways:

  • Exclude all contacts
  • Delete individual contacts
  • Delete a category from a contact card.

To delete all contacts from the category, click Empty segment.

Empty segment

To delete a single contact click Exclude from segment on the right of the necessary contact.

Delete from segment

To remove a category from a contact card, go to it and click Edit contact.

Edit contact

Next, click Edit contact subscription and uncheck the unnecessary categories.

Edit contact subscription

Contacts that are excluded from the category remain in the account and will be available for other campaigns. The category itself is not deleted.

Setting Up Unsubscription

You can set up unsubscription from all campaigns or from a certain category. A contact can unsubscribe:

  • In the personal account on the site;
  • In the email;
  • On the unsubscribe page.

Subscription categories can be displayed on the unsubscribe page so that users can update their preferences on their own. To set up such a page, send a request to our support team.


Creating Category-Based Campaign

You can use subscription categories to control the frequency of campaigns depending on their subscriber’s interests. Subscription categories apply to all communication channels. Subscription categories are specified when the message is created.

  • In Messages → Messages, create a message or choose the existing one.
  • Open its general settings, click Select categories, and select categories applicable to the message. You can select several categories. Below is an example of choosing categories for email.

Select categories

When scheduling the campaign, you can select any other segments to send it. 

The system will automatically calculate the contacts following the rules:

  • The message is sent only to contacts from the selected segments who have subscribed to the corresponding subscription category.
  • If the message isn’t assigned to any category, it will be sent to all contacts from selected segments.

A campaign report will show the subscription categories applied to the message.


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