Mobile Push Notifications for Higher App Engagement and Revenue

Deliver tailored push notifications right to the screens of your users’ Android and iOS devices

Send mobile push notifications
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Send mobile push notifications with us. To the screens of iOS and Android devices.
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Send mobile push notifications with us eSputnik
High Open Rates
Send push notifications even if the app is in the background or closed. Push notifications appear on top of all open apps. This ensures that users see your message no matter what they do: play, work, listen to music with their phones locked or even when the smartphone is laid aside.
Once a user installs your app and agrees to receive mobile push notifications, you’ll be able to lead them to your app in the most timely and engaging manner.
You’ll be able to create segments for your mobile marketing campaigns based on product preferences, time of activity, average order value, demographic data, geolocation and many other important user attributes.

Take benefits of push notifications as a way to communicate with mobile app users

Give a boost to the ROI of your mobile app

Increase sales

Send data-driven push campaigns to get 9.6 times higher possibility of product purchase within the app.

16% increase in average order value

Adding value to transactions, and recovering abandoned carts could increase the average order value up to 16%. Moreover, mobile push notifications help to prevent customer churn.

High Open Rate

As present-day users spend their time on the go with smartphones and tablets in their hands, your push messages will always reach their target audience.

Purchases after a Push Notification

48% of mobile app users make a purchase in a store after receiving a personalized push-notification.

Send automated push notifications based on the detailed customer behavior data

The all-in-one Customer Data Platform will enable you to leverage all possible touchpoints between users and your brand. You’ll be able to find the best time and content to acquire and retain customers through your mobile app.

The benefits of push notifications with us

Send automated, targeted push campaigns as part of your omnichannel marketing strategy.


Personalize your mobile push messages based on the detailed data about every user, including:
  • product preferences,
  • visitor activity,
  • OS type (Android or iOS),
  • average order value,
  • demographic data,
  • location.

Deep Segmentation

Our platform collects, stores and processes real-time user data directly in the system, to ensure that you can build segments by any criteria, in seconds. You’ll be able to use all the available data to accurately target your audience for personalized campaigns.


Mobile push notifications are a great tool for ecommerce to send triggered and transactional messages in real-time:
  • onboarding campaigns,
  • abandoned cart reminders,
  • order confirmations, details, and updates,
  • customer reactivation campaigns.
The most cost-efficient mobile marketing channel
Sign up to start sending push notifications via your mobile apps.
Leverage push notifications and in-app messages to inform users about special deals and offers, promote your product and services and deliver valuable content they will love.
Improve the average order value by up to 16% with app push notifications!
Send mobile push notifications with us — easily!
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Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

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8.5 out of 10
Use push notifications to enhance the performance of your other channels and increase your brand’s reach and retention. Step up your omnichannel marketing strategy to communicate with each contact through the right channel, at the right time. Save costs on retention marketing and improve customer experience by sending your messages exactly to where users want to get them.
With our no-code solutions, you’ll be able to add mobile push notifications to automated workflows to work together with:
Create, send, analyze and optimize all your marketing communications for better results — all in a single platform!
More than 40,000 clients around the world rely on us to send marketing campaigns
Comprehensive reports
Comprehensive reports
Analyze your push campaigns to discover the best-performing marketing approaches and optimize your entire marketing strategy. We will provide you with detailed reports on the key performance indicators for your push campaigns.
You’ll be able to track:
  • push notifications sent out,
  • push notifications delivered to the users,
  • link clicks,
  • delivery errors.
Get your push notifications delivered instantly, even if the device’s screen is locked.
We ensure your push notifications will get delivered even if the app is inactive / not running and the device is locked.
Push notifications for mobile devices boast high open rates (50-90%) and get opened almost immediately. Tailored push notifications serve as a perfect tool to keep in touch with your customers and prospects, grab their attention and encourage user retention.
Get your push notifications delivered instantly, even if the device’s screen is locked.


Mobile pushes are short text messages that appear on top of the smartphone / tablet screen even if the user isn’t currently using the app of the sender. To receive mobile pushes, the app should be installed on the device, and the device should have the Internet connection.

Mobile push notifications are good to send informational, promotional and re-engaging messages. They can be incorporated into your omnichannel strategy, and work together with other channels like Email and Web Push to increase your sales, promote brand awareness, and drive inactive customers back to your app.

Users who have the app of the sender installed on their smartphone.

To use mobile push marketing, you need to have an app. To start sending pushes, create a Google Project, get your project’s private key and integrate them with your app. Integrate the app with Yespo, using our SDK library. Then, upload the project to the platform and migrate all the contacts.

Mobile Push cost depends on the push notification service you use. Each platform has different tariffs. In the CDP, the basic pricing plan starts from €38 per month for up to 10,000 tokens.

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