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Linking Workflow to the Button

The algorithm of scenario adding to the button is universal. So, let’s analyze the whole event triggered marketing process in steps for illustrative purpose; we will use the sample of mailing for contacts segmenting.

Let us suppose that you have a quite large contact database but you don’t know anything but email addresses about your subscribers. If you don’t want to annoy them with trifles but send only the relevant content you need to know their interests and expectations. For this purpose, we send subscriber a trigger email that contains request to tell more about himself/herself and special scenario attached to it.

Basic segmentation

The simplest example is automated email marketing campaign including the question "What kind of products would you like to get?" There are three buttons below: "Men", "Ladies" and "All types". Your goal is to build email scenario that will segment contacts into certain segments accordingly to clicked buttons.

Each email scenario runs only after being added to some certain event. Events may be transferred to our system via API (you can find more details in “Events" article), or you can create them yourself.

Creating an event

To configure email by event, go to “Automation” group, select “Event Types” category there and then click "Create New Event" button.

Create new event button

A pop-up window will appear; you need to fill in "Name" and "Category" fields there.

Create new event

How to add event to the button

The next step is done right in the adaptive email editor. After you added some link to the button you need to click "Select event" smaller window at the bottom of the editor. You will see a full list of events for your account. Choose the one you’ve just added.

In the adaptive email editor

Configuring the scenario

The final step is to build the scenario. To do this, go to "Automation" section, select the "Workflows" group and click "New workflow" button.

New workflow button

For a new email trigger, you have to choose the name and set the sequence of actions based on "Start - Add to Segment - End" scheme. When you set the "Add to Segment" action, don’t forget to specify the exact destination segment in the right column.

Workflow example

This method allows you to create more complex and sophisticated email triggers. For example, "Start - Add to Segment - Email - End". Just don’t forget to add parameters to the right column (segment name, email subject etc.)

Add tags

Then, save the email scenario.

Click "Trigger configuration" button to activate it. You will see the pop-up window with conditions to run email trigger. Choose "On event" option and select the event to add it to the button you need.

If you want your scenario to initiate the immediate recommendation messaging you must fill in "Start no more than once in..." block. If this parameter is not specified and subscriber accidentally clicked the button several times, scenario will run anyway sending several identical messages to one person. Then, click "Apply".

Trigger configuration

That's all for now. Now every subscriber who clicks the button with a product he is interested about will be added to the corresponding segment automatically. This way, you will get the target audience segments for emailing campaigns with relevant content. Using the same principles you can generate new events arranging much more complex scenarios and adding them to buttons, pics, and even text links in your trigger emails.

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