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Well-designed segments are the key to the marketing campaign's success. Sending messages to a small target audience provides more value than a bulk campaign to the entire contact list.

Getting Started

You can use two segment types to pick target audiences in the Yespo system — List or Dynamic.

To create a segment, go to Contacts → Segments → Add Segment → List/Dynamic.



Static segments are updated manually, through workflows or by transferring data via API.

Most often, lists are created when importing contacts, exporting them from reports or dynamic segments. You can remove contacts from a group manually, through workflows or using the API.

Removing contacts from segment through workflow

Use lists when working with a small group of specific users, such as seminar attendees.

Dynamic segments

These groups are updated regularly based on the parameters you set. As soon as users match the specified conditions, they’re automatically added to the segment. If users cease to meet the parameters, they automatically leave the segment.

Example conditions for dynamic segment: made 3 purchases in the last 30 days, celebrates birthday today, did not open emails for 2 weeks.

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