Security and Compliance

Sending Test Messages from the Event Debug View

You can send a Mobile Push notification or an App Inbox message to a test device to verify whether a contact has been created.

To send a test mobile push notification or an app inbox message:

  1. Go to your account menu → Settings, click Mob Push in the left-hand side menu, and click Debug near the app's name.
  2. Expand the device dropdown list and select the test device.
    Selecting the Test Device
  3. Click the Send test Mobile Push button to send a test mobile push notification. 
    Click the Send test App Inbox button to send a test app inbox message.
    Sending Test Messages
  4. In the Send test Mobile Push window or in the Send test App Inbox window, select the radio button beside the message you want to send and click Send.
    Selecting and Sending the Message

The confirmation message shows for a short while.

Confirmation Message

Check the test device to see the message.

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