Glossary of Email Marketing

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The Email Marketing Glossary is email marketing terms and Internet-marketing glossary in one place.

You can come across unfamiliar professional expressions or email-related vocabulary when managing campaigns and reports, dealing with ESP agencies, or reading technical blogs.

Our Glossary will help understand their meaning and level up your email marketing fluency. For convenience, all terms are divided into thematic categories based on the application area: Performance Indicators, Email Design, Segmentation, etc. Use them to navigate the system with ease. To switch to the necessary section, click on the corresponding icon on the left. If you’re not sure which section the term you’re looking for belongs to, use the search engine or scroll the glossary on the right.

We make term definitions understandable even for those with basic marketing knowledge. The supplementary examples and formulas make it easier to get involved in the industry and get a better handle on practical applications of different marketing keywords.

We put together this glossary of email marketing, digital marketing and classic marketing terms, and filled it with all the useful information you may need to manage campaigns. We constantly reinforce it with current professional terms so that newbies could learn main concepts of email marketing, and professionals - expand their vocabulary. The Glossary can also help improve your email marketing literacy by providing correct spelling and relevant synonyms for many terms.

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