Deep customer segmentation and personalization

Customer Segmentation for Data-Based Marketing

Grow effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Analyze customer behavior on your website, app and marketing channels, and build an effective business model to generate maximum revenue

Automate communication from the first minute in the platform

In our customer data platform you’ll find ready to use workflows with the most popular recommendation blocks: Price Drop, Back in Stock, Also Bought, and others. Show your customers which products from your online store work well together. By increasing the shopping experience, you increase the average check.

Create an advanced contact profile using data from different sources

Collect all the data about user behavior on a website, in a mobile app, marketing channels and other individual touchpoints in real time. Integrate any data from external sources. Information is stacked in the single customer view (SCV). Analyze viewed products, customer lists, visited pages and messages statistics to know your customer preferences and build more personalized communication.

Segmentation by events — instantly respond to the customer's interest

Build dynamic segments based on updatable parameters: contact activity over a period of time, viewed items, email open rate and click rate, average check. Use predictive segments to guess customers’ wishes and set up event-based personalized communication with your clients. Retaining an existing customer can cost five times less that acquiring a new one.

Convert website visitors into active customers

Build your customer segmentation strategy based on data from the webtracking. Track what products users browse on a website/app most often. Send them personalized messages with these items, complementary goods and accessories. Smart segmentation can turn one-time visitors into loyal audience.
Segmentation helps to turn marketing into friendly communication
Let your customers know they are special and you always consider their needs. Turn regular messages into data-driven targeted offers tailored to each particular recipient.
Data orchestration
Know who you are talking to
Our CDP enables you to identify 40% more users coming to a website from different channels and devices. The system matches the information with the contact from the database, even if the guest isn’t authorized. So, you won’t lose a pinch of data for behavioral segmentation.
Personalized email with relevant offers
Dynamic segments for message personalization
Build intelligent segments based on user data
Send content that meets individual interests and offer items that are more likely to prompt a purchase. Use any data combinations for segmentation by customer type to build lasting relationships with your audience.
How to set up dynamic segments
Personalize everything: channels, website, pop-ups, promo codes
Send personalized recommendations in the way that is the most convenient for your subscriber
User segmentation makes it equally possible to use contact data in dynamic content for 8 channels:
✓ Web push ✓ Mobile push ✓ App Inbox ✓ Email ✓ SMS ✓ Viber ✓ Websites and Pop-ups
Take advantage of both triggered and promotional messages. Don't limit your communication!
Product recommendations in your email campaigns
Send campaigns with the right frequency at the right time
Set up personalized sending for certain segments. When customers migrate between segments, the type, frequency and time of sending will change and adapt based on their behavior. Control the customer's lifecycle stages, increase engagement, and cut contact base reduction.

Every day 3,500 customers get more online sales with Yespo automated industry-specific campaigns

NPS based on 2361 customer votes
8.5 out of 10
Increase sales by 37% using offline and online data
Advanced Segmentation allows the customer to receive the content they expect. And the marketer can study in detail the audience and ROI based on the granular data: activity dynamics, cohort and RFM-analysis, and other reports for each segment
Integration of behavior and sales data into a single profile will enable to:
Integration with major marketing platforms
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