Security and Compliance

Account Management

Create and manage your Yespo account. 

1. Sign up and fill in some general information about your company.

After signing up, you can test basic system features and send campaigns to up to 500 contacts for free.

2. Provide your account security by setting up multi-factor authentication.

Authentication with the Google Authenticator app will protect your account and its sensitive data from unauthorized access. Each time you log into your account, you will use a unique temporary password known only to you.

MFA is a must-have to manage user access to your account. If you have several team members with different responsibilities, you can distribute access to account management among them. For example, restrict the rights to export contacts, manage campaigns, edit messages, etc.

Useful tips for account management:

  • Tag them segments and messages. Tagging makes it easier to filter and search different objects in your account.
  • When planning the communication strategy, set up an annoyance level. You can plan how many promo campaigns to send to one person, but you can not predict how many triggered messages they will receive: abandoned cart, order confirmation, and so on. Annoyance level will help you to set a limit on the number of messages so the contact will receive only the most important ones.
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