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How to Work with the All Contacts Tab in the System

High-quality work with the database and its constant hygiene is the key to good campaign performance. In this article, we will tell you how to create micro-segments in your account, look for duplicates, and where to find a contact that was accidentally deleted.

Contacts > All Contacts

1. New Contact

To create a new contact profile, go to New contact.

New contact tab

In the open tab, fill in the following fields:

  • name;
  • surname;
  • email;
  • phone number;
  • subscription categories;
  • address;
  • regional settings (time zone/language);
  • additional fields (You can add an unlimited number of additional fields. See how to do it.).

Fields in the contact profile

Before clicking on Done, confirm that the contact information has been obtained with the owner's consent.

Contact information has been obtained with the owner's consent

2. Total Number of Contacts

The number below New contact indicates the total current number of contacts.

Total number of contacts

This number changes based on the chosen segments. The system automatically recalculates the number of contacts after a switch between segments or a filter application.

The following information is provided for every contact:

  • channels (email and/or phone number):
  • contact ID (automatically generated by the system for every new contact);
  • creation method (import or subscription form, order, mobile API, event, etc.).
  • changed date (date of the last update);
  • full name.

3. Smart Search

The Smart Search button enables a more accurate filter of current contacts, also applied when adding dynamic segments. Contacts can be filtered by segments, profile fields, contact activity, orders, etc.

Smart search

The applied filters are enlisted at the top of the page.

Segment specification

Contacts that fit the filters of Smart Search are formed into a segment. It can be exported to the existing list segment or as a CSV file via Export;


or deleted via Delete contacts.

Important! The Delete contacts option is available only for emails and phone numbers with the following statuses:

  • Spam reports;
  • Unsubscribed;
  • Blacklisted;
  • Not confirmed.

Delete contacts

4. Search

Enter in the search box an email, phone number, name, surname, or ID to find the necessary contacts.


All results are formed into a list that can be exported.

5. Export

Segments, created with the help of searches, as well as all contacts can be exported:

  • to the existing list segment;
  • as a CSV file.


To export contacts to the existing list segment, click on the corresponding button and choose the necessary segment. You can choose unlimited segments.

Choose the necessary segment

To export contacts as a CSV file, click on the corresponding button; the file with contacts will be sent to the email address used to log in the system.

Contact export

6. Deleted

The removed contacts are not deleted forever; they can be found in the Deleted tab.

Deleted contacts

They can be viewed as a general list, and can be formed in segments. For example, to view the deleted contacts that have reported on spam, enable Spam reports.

Enable spam reports

The list of the deleted contacts can be ranked by created date or by delete date. You can also manage it as follows:

  • apply Smart search;
  • find a contact by name/surname;
  • export the entire list as a CSV file.

Deleted contacts ranking

7. Search Duplicate

To find and remove duplicate contacts in the system, go to Search duplicate.

Search duplicate

By default, duplicate contacts are ranked by the email address; you can switch to Phone to see contacts ranked by the phone number. The number of contacts, that have been created in the system more than once, is given below the channel name.

Duplicate number

The list of duplicates is formed in the alphabetical order and includes only basic info:

  • channel (email or phone) with the duplicate contact information;
  • number of duplicates.

To see more information, click on the duplicate.

Click on the duplicate for more information

In the open tab, you can see the list of contacts with duplicate information:

  • channel with duplicate contact information;
  • creation date;
  • changed date;
  • full name.

By clicking on a duplicate you can:

  • edit contact profile;

Edit contact profile

  • manually remove it from the system, specifying the reason.

Delete contact

To remove all duplicates with an email or phone number, click the Remove duplicates button on the corresponding tab and select which contacts to remove - created earlier or later.

Remove duplicates

8. Contacts by Status

Contact base statistics can be viewed in the Analytics tab, or filtered by status in the Email and Phone channels. A status is the availability of the contact to receive messages: you can send messages to active contacts only; you can not send messages to unsubscribed or blacklisted contacts.

To view contacts by status, enable one of the filters on the left:

Contacts by status

The chosen filter will be circled in the appropriate color. You can switch between filters or disable any in one click.

Important! Only one filter can be applied at a time. Filters are available only for the tabs All Contacts and Deleted.

Contacts with Email

The following filters are available for contacts with an email:

Contacts with email

All with email - all contacts that have an email address. The list shows active contacts, unsubscribed and deleted contacts as well as contacts who have reported on spam.

Active contacts - contacts available for emails.

Spam reports - messages sent to these contacts have been labeled as spam by an email client or recipient.

Unsubscribed - contacts that have unsubscribed from your campaigns.

Blacklisted - inactive addresses you can’t send messages to. There is one general email blacklist for all accounts in our platform.

Not confirmed - contacts collected from the subscription form that have not confirmed subscription via Double Opt-In. These contacts are not available for messages until the subscription is confirmed.

Over the limit - contacts that exceed the limit of the current pricing plan. The filter is applicable to the pricing plan Optimal with unlimited messages.

Contacts with Phone Number

The following filters are available for contacts with a phone number:

Contacts with phone number

All with phone - all contacts that have a phone number.

Active contacts - contacts available for SMS, Viber, and WhatsApp messages. The segment is created based on the results of the previous campaigns.

Blacklisted - inactive phone numbers you can’t send messages to. The phone number blacklist is individual for each account.

9. Contact Profile

To see a full contact profile, click on any blank space in the corresponding contact line.

Contact profile

It contains both the input information about the contact and the data that is automatically collected by the system based on the contact’s interaction with campaigns, website, purchases, mobile application, etc.

The input information includes:

  • full name;
  • email/phone number;
  • mobile and push tokens;
  • subscription categories;
  • address;
  • regional settings (time zone/language);
  • contact ID;
  • created date;
  • last edit date;
  • source import, subscription form, order, API, etc)
  • segments the contact is included in;
  • additional fields.

This tab also contains information on the email address status. If the contact has been blacklisted, the system automatically records the date and reason (for example, inactive email address) in the contact profile.

Blacklisted contact
Blacklisted contact

If the contact has reported on spam or unsubscribed, the system automatically records the date and reason in the contact profile.

Spam complaint

10. Contact Activity

Сlick on Contact activity to view the date history of the contact’s activities.

Contact activity

The Contact Activity info is opened in a pop-up and contains the following:

  • number of contact activities;
  • channel;
  • name of the sent message;
  • language of the message;
  • sent date;
  • status.

The data on activities is generated from all channels available for the contact

Activity information


A widget can be displayed more times than allowed by the display frequency. This can happen when a customer visits the website in incognito mode or after clearing their cache, cookies, and local data on their device.

Re-displaying the widget

Apart from Delivered, Read and Clicked, the status field can also contain the Undelivered and Unsubscribed statuses.

11. One-Click Actions

This feature allows to perform the following actions on the email address and phone number in one click straight into the corresponding contact line:

  • move contact’s email to blacklist;
  • move contact’s phone to blacklist;
  • remove from spam copmlaint;
  • unsubscribe contact’s email.

One-click actions

12. Ranking

All contacts can be ranked by the following criteria:

  • created date: early and late;
  • updated date;
  • email rating: low to high and vice versa.
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