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How to Create and Launch Multilingual Campaigns

Multilanguage is an automation tool that enables to send messages in different languages within one campaign. It helps avoid long message lists and voluminous unsystematic reports for every message: all the statistics are now available in one tab.

You can create multilingual campaigns for any of the channels:

You can create multilingual campaigns in any channel

How to Add the Preferred Language into the System

A new contact profile has a language field that indicates the contact language. There are several ways to fill it for existing and new contacts.

New language field in the contact profile

How to Add the Language for Existing Contacts

There are three ways to fill the Language field in the contact profile.

  1. Add the preferred language via the contact import unless such information has been added to the system before. To map to the system, the language field should be filled according to the international format of RFC 5646 Language Tags.

Language field should be filled based on the international format

For example:

  • "es," "en";
  • "es-AR" (Spanish, Argentina), "en-US" (English, USA).
  1. Update the collected data. For companies that have previously recorded the language of their subscribers, it is enough to adjust the language to the above requirements so that the system could map it correctly. To download updates, export the database and then import the updated file.
  2. Based on the subscriber’s interaction with the campaign, the system records the browser language and inserts it in the language field.
  3. You can always edit the language field in the contact profile manually, regardless of how it was added.

Important! Changes made manually would always rank higher than the info automatically collected by the system.

Important! In case the language field for the contact has already been filled, the system will not replace the existing data. The browser language would only be recorded for the empty field, and the previously added data is saved by default.

During the import, the data is always updated (replaced)!

How to Add the Language for New Contacts

By default, the language field is filled for all new contacts via:

  1. Transfer of the API languageCode parameter by the subscribe method.
  2. Data collection by the system based on the browser language.

You can ask the customer to specify the preferred language in the subscription form, a survey, or in their personal profile on the website.

Form that specifies the preferred language

How to Create a Multilingual Message Template

In the general list, multilingual messages are labeled with the globe icon. The number next to it indicates the number of messages in different languages.

Symbol indicates the number of messages in different languages

Hover over the icon to see the list of added languages. You can go straight to editing the necessary template by clicking the corresponding language in the drop-down menu.

How to edit the corresponding language in the drop-down menu

To create a multilingual message, click on the globe icon and specify the default language. It will be used to send campaigns to contacts with the preferred language not specified.

Specify the default language

Next, add a language from the drop-down menu. It’s possible to add unlimited languages and create as many campaigns as needed. The number of languages is limited only by your pricing plan.

Add a language from the drop-down menu

Languages in the menu are given in the original spelling; hover over the language to see the spelling in the language of the interface.

View the spelling in the language of the interface

The content and structure of the campaign may be identical or completely different. Changes in one message don’t affect other copies.

Important! When you add a language, the system automatically creates a copy of the message that is being edited. This means that if you edit the message in Polish, the system will duplicate this particular message and not a copy of the message in the default language. This simplifies work with languages belonging to the same language group. For example, it is logical to copy the message in Portuguese for the campaign in Spanish, or copy the message in Danish for the campaign in Norwegian. Since these languages belong to one family, they have a similar structure and stylistics meaning your campaigns would need minor editing in terms of design.

To switch between languages, use the drop-down list. You can replace any language or delete it from the added.

To switch between languages, use the drop-down list

How to Create a Multilingual Campaign

The process of scheduling/launching a multilingual campaign is standard. Choose a multilingual message, move to Campaigns, choose a segment, and schedule or send a message. The system will automatically send the necessary content to the corresponding contact. You don't need to build segments based on the language. If you need to create a segment based on the language, contact us and we would inform you on how to update your functionality.


The new tool simplifies workflow management. Previously, the more languages you used for your campaign, the more check events you needed to add.

Complex workflow

Now you only need to add an Email block and select a multilingual message. The event set in the system triggers the workflow.

Advanced workflow

Important! The system automatically determines the language for a campaign based on one of the algorithms:

  1. If the language isn’t determined by the event, the message will be sent in the language specified in the contact profile. This is convenient for the existing base.
  2. If the language is determined by the event, the message will be sent in this language. The language specified in the contact profile will be ignored.
  3. If the language isn’t determined by the event and isn’t specified in the contact profile, the message will be sent in the default language.

Report for Multilingual Campaigns

You can see the statistics for all multilingual messages in one report. In the drop-down menu, you can choose to view a report for a separate language or all languages.

Report for multilingual campaigns

Thanks to convenient organization, the aggregated report helps analyze results faster, with no need to open multiple tabs.

In Single reports, you can see in what language the message was sent.

Single email message report

Once Multilanguage is activated for your account, you’ll be able to save up to 12% of your time on campaign preparation and launch. Follow our blog to learn how this solution may be applicable to your particular business

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